Walmart selling new iPad before Apple: Friday 12:01 a.m.

If you can’t wait until 8 a.m. to get your hands on the new iPad, Walmart has some good news for you: the retailer says that its stores will open at 12:01 a.m. local time to sell the new iPad on Friday morning, March 16.

China leads the second coming of the smartphone

After leading the world in smartphone sales, the U.S. reign is over. China will take over the top spot this year and has no plans of looking back. India and Brazil are also moving up, bringing a “second coming of the smartphone” to the world.

Social networking goes to work

As trots out the integration of its social networking-oriented HR tools into CRM and Chatter, Microsoft is touting new research about why companies need to have workplace-oriented social tools. One problem: Some of these tools are more annoying than useful.

TED releases official app for Android and Kindle Fire

TED released official apps for Android handsets and tablets as well as the Kindle Fire Thursday, giving users a chance to watch the popular TED talks on the go. The apps also come with mobile-specific features, including the ability to listen to talks without video.

Workers to pollsters: Widespread remote work is imminent

Findings from a new survey that confirm earlier polls showing workers are willing to sacrifice money or vacation time to work remotely may not be shocking, but other revelations about how soon employees expect their offices to go fully virtual may surprise skeptics.

Bloom exec: Fuel cells could revolutionize data centers

Bloom Energy’s fuel cells could revolutionize data center power architecture, says Bloom Energy’s new data center guru, Peter Gross, who joined the company this week as the Vice President of Mission Critical Systems.

AT&T vs. the consumer: The throttling controversy grows

Last month, AT&T fought and lost a lawsuit over whether its throttling policies violated the terms of “unlimited” smartphone contracts. Matt Spaccarelli was awarded $850 for his efforts, but neither side is letting the issue drop.

Bloom Energy launches data center focus for its fuel cells

Silicon Valley’s fuel cell maker Bloom Energy has launched a new practice focused on data centers, the company announced on Wednesday. To lead the group, Bloom Energy has brought on Peter Gross, who co-founded data-center firm EYP Mission Critical Facilities, which was bought by HP.