Taking the EVO 4G to the Powermat on Video

Charging gadgets without wires has been a dream for a long time, and it is finally becoming reality with the Powermat Wireless Charging System. The small charging mat couples with a special charging back on the EVO 4G in the video to charge the battery wirelessly.

Video: Parallels Mobile Running Windows on iPad

Parallels Desktop 6 makes it easy to run an alternate OS on any Mac in a virtual machine. Those needing to run Windows will find it makes using OS X and Windows side-by-side a solid experience. Parallels Mobile for iOS brings Windows to the iPad.

Review: Parallels Desktop 6 for the Mobile Professional

The days of major Windows/Mac compatibility issues have waned, but for the mobile professional they have not completely receded into memory. Whatever your reasons for needing access to Windows, the newly released Parallels Desktop 6 may be just what you need.

Parallels Desktop 6: Windows on the Mac

Parallels Desktop 6 (PD6) has been announced for the Mac, and offers performance gains over the previous version. PD6 provides virtual machine capability on the Mac designed to allow the installation and operation of alternate operating systems such as Windows.

Samsung: DRAM Glut Coming Due to Weak PC Sales

Samsung is predicting an oversupply of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) used in computers due to expected weak PC sales. The uncertain economic climate is cited as the primary cause for lower than expected PC sales in spite of the upcoming holiday season.

Photos/Videos to Drive SuperSpeed USB Adoption

Digital cameras and camcorders will drive the adoption of SuperSpeed USB faster than any other segment, according to market research firm In-stat. SuperSpeed USB, a faster bus implemented in USB 3.0, provides a high-speed transfer mode reaching 5 Gbit/seconds, perfect for transferring HD video to computers.

One Week With the Magic Trackpad — No Pain

The Magic Trackpad takes all of the good things about the trackpad on the MacBook and incorporates them into a standalone peripheral designed to replace the mouse that many folks have used for so long. Does it succeed in knocking the mouse off the desk? Mostly.

Is the SSD Ever Going to Take Off?

Two years ago we were hearing that the SSD would be the standard storage in computers, and soon. The standard hard drive (HDD) is still the primary storage on most everything sold currently, with SSDs relegated to pricey options. So what happened?

5 Must-have Free Windows 7 Utilities

Windows 7 is easily the best version of Windows but even so, it can be even better with the proper utilities. There are many utilities to choose from, however, so to help in the search here are my top five.

UPDATED: Tegra2 Problems Delaying Other Tablets?

Nvidia impresssed us at CES with the Tegra2 processor and touted over 50 designs already built around the chip. But now, sources mention some issues with Tegra2 that could push products back into later this year.