Diskeeper HyperBoot Speeds Booting — Do You Need It?

Tired of slow-booting computers? Diskeeper has a solution although consumers can’t get it directly — it’s only made available through computer manufacturers for now. With Microsoft’s improvements in Hibernation and Sleep / Resume, how much of a draw does does a solution like HyperBoot offer?

Apple vs. HTC: It’s About Chrome

The tech industry is all abuzz over the Apple lawsuit claiming HTC is infringing on 20 of Apple’s patents. While commonly felt that Apple is really hitting Google over the Android platform, it may go deeper than that. Apple may be scared of the Chrome OS.

Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of LogMeIn

I am getting asked questions about LogMeIn since my recent writings about the utility that provides remote control functions to any Mac or Windows PC. Here I dive deeper into using the service, and my top 5 ways to do so are the result.

163 Million Smartbooks In 2015 — And None With x86

The definition of a smartbook varies depending on who you ask, but ABI Research is sure about one thing — most of the smartbook devices sold in 2015 won’t have Intel inside. Here’s why the perfect storm of mobile ARM computing is coming to a head.

How to Monitor Power Usage on an Android Handset

Ever wonder how much juice that application on your Android handset is really using? With this free software you can find out at the application level or even monitor the power utilized by the radios and other hardware components.

Budget USB 3.0 Drive Still Offers 125 Megabytes Per Second

SuperTalent already sells a speedy USB 3.0 flash drive. But not everyone is willing to shell out hundreds of dollars just yet. Maybe that’s why the company pared down the speed and price of a lower end model that still rocks a 125 MBps transfer.

Intel vs AMD — One Notebook Highlights the Differences

When it comes to computing platforms, the two most prevalent choices are Intel and AMD. What’s the difference between them? All things being equal, one is generally less expensive but offers more oomph while the other plods along slower but longer. Which is right for you?

Pocket Trackpad for Windows, Macs

A review of the iPazzPort wireless trackpad and keyboard shows the utility such a peripheral can bring to a media center. It can also be used with those slates beginning to appear that lack a physical keyboard. The wireless connectivity can work with Windows and Macs.

This Week in Mobile Tech Manor #76: Platform Agnostic

The end of the week means it’s time to share the week at Mobile Tech Manor with you. I discovered I am truly platform agnostic, in both the computing and smartphone areas. My tools are equal on every platform I use, and that is very liberating.