BRABUS iBusiness Is an Apple Fan’s Dream Mobile Office

The iPad has become a valuable tool for the mobile professional. It can be more valuable still, however, when swaddled in leather, partnered with a Mac mini and other Apple goodies and wrapped in a Mercedes-Benz S600, as Mercedes tuner BRABUS shows us with the iBusiness.

Is Apple a Cult, a Religion or a Brand?

A university professor friend and recent platform-switcher jestingly refers to “the Church of the Mac.” He’s become an enthusiastic Mac evangelist and is perceiving some loose parallels. My learned friend is far from unique in drawing analogies between computer platform affinities and religion.

I Want an Apple MagicPad

On the eve of WWDC, a photo showed up on Engadget rumored to be a new Apple product. I wanted for this product to be real. I started dreaming of a $59 price tag and all of the amazingness this product could do for me.

What Makes an Apple Store So Great

My last visit to an Apple Store was a week ago when I picked up my new iPhone 4 and, though I’ve visited the stores plenty of times before, waiting in line reminded me of what makes Apple’s retail plans such a success.

Apple is Abandoning the Mac…and Why I’m Wrong

The iPhone was released in 2007 running iOS 1.0 and now, in 2010 we receive our fourth huge update to iOS where Apple’s Leopard and Snow Leopard are largely unchanged from a feature perspective and only maintain system improvements, speed enhancements and other changes.

iPhone 4 Announced

Today Steve Jobs unveiled the fourth iteration of the beloved iPhone, dubbed, iPhone 4. It was, of course, the device that we’ve seen leaked in recent weeks, but there’s a lot more to this new phone than meets the eye.

Photo Gallery: WWDC Line Forms 12 Hours Before Event

Apple events tend to bring out the giddy-kid-on-Christmas-eve feeling in many of us, and the lines that start at these events reflect that. Here in San Francisco, the WWDC line started no earlier than 6:30PM last night…over 15 hours before the event starts.

How Jobs Should Open His Keynote

The popular music will die down, Jobs will enter, and he’ll start with a few stats about how Apple is doing. But Jobs has an opportunity to open his keynote with one of the best lines he could ever deliver.

Photo Gallery: Apple Prepares Moscone for WWDC 2010

I stopped by after work on Friday to snap a few photos of Moscone West receiving the finishing touches of the giant three story tall Apple logo and snap photos of banners hanging inside the conference center. Unfortunately, there were no exposed banners of unannounced products.