At Cloud Scale, Data Centers are the New Servers

The analogy goes that with more organizations hosting applications in the cloud, and with data volumes skyrocketing, the data center takes the place of the on-premise server. If that’s the case, the cloud computing management software must be the new operating system, so scalability is critical.

Moving Regulated Industries to the Cloud

Regulated industries like health care and financial services deal with large quantities of sensitive data many deem unsuitable for cloud storage. But for those prepared to invest in understanding and meeting the requirements of such heavily regulated environments, there are many opportunities to offer premium services.

Open Cirrus Project Adds New Contributors, Increases Footprint

Open Cirrus, an open source test bed for advancing cloud computing based research, has attracted new organizations including two telecommunications firms. China Mobile Research Institute, the Supercomputing Center of Galicia in Spain, China Telecom’s Guangzhou Research Institute, and Georgia Tech University have all joined the project.

What Comes Next in the Red-Hot Analytics Market?

The action in the data warehouse/analytic database space has been hot and heavy over the past couple weeks, with new funding, acquisitions and partnerships announced seemingly every day, and this trend is unlikely to slow. I predict a few more acquisitions coming down the pike.

Google Builds MegaData Center in Finland

Google, owners of the biggest web infrastructure projects, is building a massive data center in Hamina, Finland. The mega datacenter is going to cost $260 million and will go live in spring 2011. It is housed in a paper mill, and will cost over $260 million.

Jamcracker and Eucalyptus Team for Self-Service

Jamcracker and Eucalyptus announced at VMWorld today that they are partnering on an integration aimed at enabling users to self-provision their private and hybrid clouds. This announcement comes hot on the heels of last weeks announcement of a technology partnership between Eucalyptus, newScale and rPath.

How VMware Plans to Control the Cloud

One area where VMware did not disappoint this week is breadth of vision. In just a handful of years, the company has gone from the defacto hypervisor provider to an all-encompassing software infrastructure vendor for virtualization and cloud computing. The volume of announcements can be overwhelming.

What We’re Reading About the Cloud on Sept. 1

VMworld is still going on but we’re going to let some other news into the roundup today with a few stories about the future of data centers and job opportunities in the cloud. There’s also a post on the difficulties of choosing between scaling out vs. up.

VMware Goes Beyond Data Centers to Control the Cloud

Today VMware unveiled new products, new partnerships, and two acqusitions to help it become not just the operating system for the data center, but the means of assuring the flow of enterprise bits between data centers — or what many actually define as the cloud.

Apptio Raises a Cool $16.5M for Enterprise IT

Apptio, a Bellevue, Wash.-based enterprise software company, today said it’s raised a $16.5 million Series C round of funding led by Shasta Ventures, which includes participation from current investors Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and Madrona Venture Group just a year after the last round.