Updated: BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Two E-Reader Apps

RIM unveiled the BlackBerry tablet yesterday, and indicated it is aimed at the enterprise professional. Tablets make good e-readers, so RIM was showing off the Kobo e-book reader app on the new PlayBook. Amazon also announced its intention to put the Kindle app on the PlayBook.

Sharp Launches Galapagos: E-books and Tablets

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sharp has entered into both the e-book and Android tablet business with the announcement of the Galapagos cloud media service. Galapagos will launch initially in Japan in December, and will offer e-books, magazines and newspapers with automatic push delivery.

E-book Numbers Hint at Amazon Domination

When Amazon made the claim a few months ago that it owned a 70 to 80 percent share of the e-book market, we wouldn’t have blamed you for rolling your eyes. After all, the company has been criticized for its outlandish claims around e-book sales.

Books: The Reports of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated

E-books are growing in popularity, as Amazon is fond of pointing out. Despite that growth, pundits are boldly predicting the end of physical books, but looking at the numbers makes it clear that e-books aren’t replacing the paper variety any time soon.

Will E-books and Music Get Google Into Your Wallet?

Amid talk surrounding the Apple-Google app store battle, many have overlooked Apple’s main advantage: the direct billing relationship with consumers thanks to iTunes. But Google now sees a new entry point to your wallet which hits right at the core strengths of Apple: music and books.

The New Kindle: An Excellent E-reader, Period.

I really like the new (third-generation) Amazon Kindle as an e-book reader. It’s by far the best reading device that I’ve tried. But because it’s focused on being such a great e-reader, its usefulness for web working may be limited.

Kindle Coming to Best Buy This Fall

The e-reader war is heating up with Amazon announcing the Kindle and Kindle 3G will be sold in Best Buy stores this fall. This has the Kindle joining the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Readers at Best Buy. Pricing will be the same as Amazon’s.

Analyst: Tablets to Outsell E-readers

Tablets are going to see tremendous growth, according to a UK analyst firm, as consumers choose them over e-readers. Tablet sales are projected to hit 50 million by 2014, a whopping increase of 1370 percent over the 3.65 million to be sold this year.

E-reader War: Staples Getting Kindles

Retail giant Staples will play a role in heating up the e-reader war as it will start selling Amazon’s Kindles in its retail stores. This move, coupled with price drops, shows how competitive the e-book business has become. Borders dropped prices on two of its e-readers.

Amazon Kindle Tops Sales Charts

Amazon is feeling good about the latest Kindle, with sales in the first four weeks topping all products sold by the retailer. The new Kindle has outsold every past model in the first four weeks of sales, and continues the 2-year streak as Amazon’s top product.