Proferi Raises $6.3 Million From Graylock, Andreessen Horowitz

Proferi Software, a company started by software industry veteran Christian Gheorghe, has raised $6.3 million in Series A funding from Greylock Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. The company is developing a cloud-based enterprise performance management system, and is keeping covers on its product plans.

Moving Regulated Industries to the Cloud

Regulated industries like health care and financial services deal with large quantities of sensitive data many deem unsuitable for cloud storage. But for those prepared to invest in understanding and meeting the requirements of such heavily regulated environments, there are many opportunities to offer premium services.

AWS Launched Read Replicas for its Database Service

Amazon Web Services is launching Read Replicas, a new feature for its relational database service, RDS. The new feature would make it easy to scale MySQL deployments and would make it a breeze for customers to create one or more copies of a MySQL database instance.

Will Hadoop Vendors Profit from Banks’ Data Woes?

With many companies — including those in the rich, technology-savvy financial sector — struggling to store and analyze their mountains of data, it pays to establish a foothold in the analytics market. For vendors utilizing the capabilities of Hadoop, such a promise might be even sweeter.

Further Proof Apple TV Apps Are Coming

A tear-down of the new Apple TV reveals that the device loads a whopping 8 GB of Flash memory. Wait, didn’t Steve Jobs tell us that we won’t download any movies to the device? That’s because he wants to keep those 8 GB for apps.

Next Up for Netflix: Android Phones and Tablets?

Now that Netflix has an app on the iPad and the iPhone, it could make a push into the Android ecosystem based on job postings that have cropped up. An Android app could expand Netflix’s audience base even further, especially on new Android-based tablets.

Cloud Startup Values Are Getting Insane

Forget AngelGate and shift your attention to the big-money world of cloud computing and infrastructure startups. While the clashing egos clang in the Silicon Valley echo chamber, massive amounts of money have started to flow into the cloud companies, at nosebleed valuations.

Amazon: Death by Cloud for Traditional Software

Though few seem to notice, Amazon is not-so-quietly building out its Amazon Web Services (AWS) to take on traditional enterprise computing…and win. While today AWS mostly undermines only the software businesses of open-source vendors like Red Hat, tomorrow it will likely challenge the giants of enterprise applications.

Report: The Winners & Losers of the Solar Shakeout

Picking winners and losers is always a dicey exercise, but Lux Research took that plunge and issued a report this week, which points to likely revenue winners and IPO candidates over the coming year. The names that popped out include Amonix, Enphase Energy and Abound Solar.

Global Solar Guns For Building-Integrated Solar & Solyndra’s Turf

Global Solar on Tuesday unveiled its new flexible solar panel that can be integrated into roofing membranes. The idea is that buildings and roofs can be built with the solar materials weaved right into them, lowering the cost and the time of the solar installation.