Is Cloudera Allying Its Way to an Acquisition?

Big Data has been at the forefront of many vendors’ agendas lately. Perhaps no one has been leading the charge as vocally as Cloudera, but the question now is when Cloudera’s stewardship and alliances will result in it getting snatched up by a large vendor.

Sept. 9: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Amazon Introduces “Micro Instances” on EC2; ARM Announces Cortex A-15 Eagle Microprocessor; HPC Meets Cloud Computing with Dell’s New Server and Random Access Compute Capacity (RACC).

The Importance of APIs in Collaboration Tools

As your team and your projects evolve, it’s easy to find yourself in a position where tweaking your tools would make life a lot easier. If you choose tools with APIs, you’ll have far more options in terms of tweaking down the road.

In Recovery: No More Tweets

I own every major Twitter client for the iPhone, and many for the iPad. Some were free, but most were bought and paid for. They each have their merits and I’ve used them all variously at one time or another, though some more than others. But no more.

Social Currency and Online Brands

Social currency isn’t just “buzz,” says Erich Joachimsthaler, the Founder and CEO of Vivaldi Partners, it “represents a shared asset of consumers and company-owned brands.” It’s not something that companies create and control on their own, but there are six “levers” that organizations can use.

How Can Advertising Work on the Social Web?

Who said that the advertising models of print and yesteryear would be sustainable online? Everyone just hoped they’d translate, because porting old models onto new platforms didn’t require much innovation or effort.

Businesses and the Social Media Trap

Many businesses set up Facebook pages when everyone was jumping on board to see what all the hype was about. Yet they didn’t know what to do with those pages in the longer term, and now they languish across Facebook.