Oct. 15: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss and the prospect of cloud-caused job losses also garnered attention.

There’s No Mystery to The Event’s Social Media

Whether you liked or loathed the premiere of NBC’s The Event last night, the transmedia elements accompanying the series are super-disappointing. While there are a few sites and Twitter accounts, their level of success ranges from mildly entertaining to flat-out disjointed.

When Will Nokia’s Smartphone Transition End?

The new Nokia N8 has the dubious distinction of being both the first and the last N-series handset to run Symbian^3 — new high-end devices will run on MeeGo. A product strategy in constant transition isn’t one that will attract developers or customers to Nokia.

iPhone 4: Big Lines & Short Supply

Across the globe, iPhone 4 eyewitnesses are all seeing the same thing: lines around the block and few, if any, devices for those without reservations. Supplies of the iPhone 4 are dwindling, many stores expect to be sold out by the end of the day.

iOS 4 Now Available to Download

Apple’s mobile operating system update, iOS 4, is now available to download via iTunes. The updated operating system, previously known as the iPhone OS, features more than 100 new features and clocks in at 378MB.

What Would a More Open Twitter Look Like?

As Twitter continues to struggle with repeated system outages and downtime, attention has turned to ways of extending — or even replacing — the social network as a communications platform. But what would such a world look like? It would involve multiple clients and open standards.