LessConf Interview: “Crush It!” Author Gary Vaynerchuk

gary-picGary Vaynerchuk is the host of Wine Library TV (with over 80,000 viewers a day) and Director of Operations at his family’s company, Wine Library, in Springfield, NJ. He grew that business from $4 million to $60 million in only five years, and is now the co-founder of VaynerMedia and a consultant for Fortune 100 companies. An in-demand public speaker, Vaynerchuk has keynoted at events such as FOWA and South by Southwest, and also appeared on many television shows such as “Ellen DeGeneres”, “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, “The Today Show”, and CNBC’s “Mad Money With Jim Cramer”.  Vaynerchuk’s second book, “Crush It!“, came out earlier this month.

I sat down with Gary at LessConf in Jacksonville, Fla., to talk about working hard and building brands. Read More about LessConf Interview: “Crush It!” Author Gary Vaynerchuk

Authenticity As Your Extreme Internet Strategy

LIZ STRAUSSSpeaking at Izeafest, influential blogger Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss) of Successful Blog said that she considers authenticity her “extreme strategy,” both online and off. Strauss, who is a social media and web strategist based in Chicago and CEO and founder of SOBCon, thinks authenticity is key to being successful online. So, how can you improve your authenticity?

“Be there, be behind the screen,” says Strauss, meaning that you need to be present, you need to be engaged yourself, and you need to care. “Who you are is who you are, all the way down to the cells of your body.”

According to Strauss, some ways to enhance your authenticity — beyond simply being yourself — include: Read More about Authenticity As Your Extreme Internet Strategy

Are You an Influencer?

IMG_3997Aaron Brazell, aka @technosailor and founder and lead editor of Technosailor.com, when he spoke at Izeafest 2009, shared his thoughts on what makes someone an “influencer.” The difference between being a celebrity and an influencer, he said, is that, “Being a celebrity gets you attention now; being an influencer gets you attention over the long term.”

A few of the characteristics of an influencer, according to Brazell, are: Read More about Are You an Influencer?

Tales From a Tweetup Novice: What I Did and Didn’t Get From the Experience

tweetupI like Twitter, and I embrace it for both personal and private use. Until recently, though, I’ve been hesitant to take the next logical step and attend a tweetup, despite their popularity here in Toronto. (A tweetup is a gathering of Twitter users, and is something our own Aliza Sherman has much more experience with.) But I did finally bite the bullet and give it a try. Actually, two tries, to be more precise, which resulted in two very different experiences. Read More about Tales From a Tweetup Novice: What I Did and Didn’t Get From the Experience

What’s Your Favorite Web App, Guy Kawasaki?

I’ve been at SXSW attending sessions, seeing product demos and interviewing tech company founders. I’ve also been asking anyone who identifies themselves as a web worker about their favorite web app and how it helps them with their work.

Here is the first of a series of short interviews with a variety of web working types, starting with venture capitalist and co-founder of Alltop, Guy Kawasaki, who reveals his favorite web app: the “ultimate marketing tool for Twitter.”

What’s Your Favorite App, Guy Kawasaki? from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

You can find Guy Kawasaki on Twitter: @guykawasaki.
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WebWorkerDaily Guide to SXSW Interactive 2009

South by Southwest 2009, one of the largest and most widely-covered technology and Internet conferences of the year (and that’s to say nothing of the music and film portions!), is fast approaching. While many industry insiders will attend in person, SXSW will also be widely covered across a wide swath of mainstream media news web sites, blogs, YouTube, Qik, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Tumblr, posterous and just about every other social media publishing platform that you can think of!

Here’s a guide to the SXSW 2009 Interactive panels that web workers worldwide should look out for.

WWD Meets TechCrunch in Paris

I get to go to the first TechCrunch Meetup in Paris today!

I’ll be wearing two hats there (hopefully neither of them a lampshade, but there will be an open bar, so we’ll see…). One is my entrepreneur hat; of course I’m hoping somebody who hasn’t lost all his or her wealth in the crash will dig my elevator pitch to the tune of several million Euros. But aren’t we all? I’m sure there will be lots of talk about the Wall Street fiasco and what it means for the tech industry and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Should be interesting.

The other hat is my web worker hat.

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Google, GE Join Up to Tackle Energy Policy & Tech

[qi:_earth2tech] Search engine giant Google and conglomerate GE have announced a partnership to collaborate on energy policy and technology, including pushing for a smarter electricity grid, cleaner power generation and greener transportation. Initially the companies will work on policy to build out more electricity transmission lines that will connect renewable energy, as well as work on implementing smart grid technology. In terms of technology, they will start out by collaborating on enhanced geothermal and plug-in vehicles, specifically electric vehicle-enabling technologies, including software and services that help utilities. For the full story, head over to Earth2Tech.