Konnect: A Basic, Flexible VoIP Phone System

The Konnect office phone system is available in a couple of versions; the version I tried doesn’t require a server. It can be used with many VoIP services, but the native Konnect service is less sophisticated than some options we’ve tried.

Buffalo CloudStor: Another Option for Remote File Access

The Buffalo CloudStor is an external drive that has built-in capabilities allowing you to make its contents available outside your own network. As with Pogoplug Biz and Pogoplug Video, users will be able to make the contents of the drive available anywhere with an Internet connection.

Stream Video From Your Hard Drive With Pogoplug Video

Pogoplug Video, announced today at CES, will allow you to make videos available to clients more easily. The device will stream HD video and images from your own external hard drive, directly to desktops and laptops, as well as to iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.

iTwin: Remote, Encrypted Access to Your Files

The iTwin device provides a simple and secure way of connecting to your office’s files while you’re out of the office. You’ll be able to access, move, copy and back up files. You can edit remote files directly, or copy files by dragging and dropping them.

How the iPod Nano Could Be an Awesome Productivity Tool

One of the gifts I really enjoyed receiving this Christmas was an iPod nano. What immediately struck me was that with a few minor feature and hardware adjustments, the nano could be the ideal smartphone-paired watch, and an amazing tool for the connected worker.

Is Smartphone Productivity a Myth?

I’ve been using a smartphone for around four years now, and I have a confession to make: I’m fairly sure that during that time, my cellphone usage has, if anything, become far less productive. But with apps, email and Internet access, how could that possibly be?

Where to Invest for the Biggest Productivity Gains

Looking to plan your budget for next year? Deciding where to spend is a tricky decision. If you’re a remote worker, or managing a remote team, then it could be even harder. What kind of investment will pay back the most in terms of productivity?

HP Reminds Us that It Does Video Conferencing Too

HP today announced it’s releasing a new line of high-definition videoconferencing products. These new Visual Collaboration products provide a solution that not only works via hardware installed in conference rooms, but can also be accessed on desktop and laptop computers.

EspressoHD: Industrial-Strength 1080p Telepresence at a Lower Cost

One way to bridge the gap between remote workers and aid remote collaboration is to invest in telepresence technology. These systems have traditionally been expensive, but that cost is coming down all the time. XVD Corporation launched its low-cost EspressoHD system in North America today.