Put Your Media Center to Work

If you work from home, having a TV in the vicinity can be distracting. But that same TV could also be the unexpected source of some extra help in the productivity area, if you happen to have a media center PC hooked up to it.

Apple Slips, HP Climbs in Green Gadget Ranking

Greenpeace has been a thorn in the side of the consumer electronics industry with its Guide to Greener Electronics for years. The latest edition shows shuffling in the ranks of top companies as they launch new products and sail past deadlines for eliminating hazardous substances.

New MacBook Air Hits the Web Working Sweet Spot

The iPad is a pretty nice mobile web working tool. But the new MacBook Air, with more processing muscle, better graphics and access to OS X and all the applications that go along with it, is the better tool for the road warrior.

LifeSize Introduces Modular HD Video Conferencing Bridge

Video conferencing company LifeSize today announced the LifeSize Bridge 2200, an HD video conferencing product. The Austin, Texas-based company (now a division of Logitech) says that because the 16-port product is modular, it should enable businesses using it to scale their video conferencing needs as required.

Oct. 15: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss and the prospect of cloud-caused job losses also garnered attention.

Moving to Mac: 6 Months In

It’s been about six months since I took the plunge and moved from PC to Mac. I thought it would be interesting to check in and see where I am now, how I am faring and what ?software I’m using.

Jawbone Icon for Cisco Wants to Be the Center of Your Unified Communications

The Jawbone Icon for Cisco is a little different from other headsets because it adds in upgradable firmware and the ability to seamlessly switch between mobile phones, Cisco IP desk phones, the Cius tablet and softphones, all through the headset. It’s basically a wearable computing device.

Aretta Offers Asterisk’s VoIP Features With Easy Setup

Many people like the open source VoIP software Asterisk, but it’s tricky to set up, even for tech-savvy folks. Aretta has developed a hosted version of Asterisk called NetPBX PRO, which offers a friendly setup and has a full range of sophisticated features.

Cisco Umi: An HD Telepresence System for SMBs?

Yesterday, Cisco launched its consumer telepresence offering, Umi, which will provide high definition video calling in the home. At $599, plus an additional $24.95 per month for unlimited calls, it seems a little pricey for its target consumer market, but could it work for SMBs?

Rover Puck: A Mobile Hotspot With Prepaid 4G Service

Clearwire recently introduced a pay-as-you-go Internet connection service called Rover. Its plans work similarly to prepaid cell phone services, except that Rover doesn’t sell phone minutes, it sells data, delivered through the Clearwire network. One of the devices available is a mobile hotspot; the Rover Puck.