Connecting to Denon’s A/V Receivers — Now With AirPlay

Denon has finally introduced AirPlay support to some of its receivers. So how does it stack up to the other ways of getting your iTunes media to your receiver? I compare all the options (complete with a handy chart) to find out.

MacBook Air Is My Gadget Of The Year

2010 has been the year of gadgets and gizmos. iPad, Microsoft Kinect, Roku and Boxee — each week had a new surprise. I decided to pick the one that was part of my daily life had the most impact on both my life and work.

Glif iPhone 4 Tripod Mount Review: Mighty Mite

The iPhone 4 is arguably the first one anyone would be interested on putting on a tripod, and that’s exactly what Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost were counting on when they designed the Glif, a dead simple iPhone 4 universal tripod mount.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review: All About the Power

Mophie recently introduced a high capacity version of its battery case for the iPhone 4 dubbed the Juice Pack Plus. I’ve been using it for couple weeks, putting on a lot of mileage considering how often I exhaust my iPhone’s battery. Here’s what I found.

Which Tablet Is Best? iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab

For the first time since its introduction, the iPad finally has a serious competitor in the market for that magical third device that’s more than a phone, but not quite a laptop or netbook: the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab. So how do the two compare?

Gear Review: ZAGGmate iPad Case and Keyboard

Accessory-maker ZAGG recently introduced its ZAGGmate iPad case, which comes in two flavors: with and without integrated Bluetooth keyboard. I had a chance to test out the keyboard variety. Read on to find out how it stacks up against the Kensington KeyFolio and other similar offerings.

Review: Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

No sooner do I decry the lack of an iPhone 4 solution from Joby than lo and behold, it arrives. The new Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 brings compatibility to Apple’s latest smartphone, and does so with a new design intent on keeping things simple.

Review: Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Case for iPad

I love the iPad, but I miss having a hardware keyboard at hand. You could carry around Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, but additional devices sort of defeats the purpose. The keyboard case seems like a good alternative. Does Kensington’s KeyFolio live up to the hype?

Video Review: Griffin Standle for iPad

I’ve long been looking for a decent iPad case that can double as a stand. Enter the Griffin Standle: It’s a stand; it’s a handle; it’s a case. But aside from clever naming, how does it stack up? Check out the video for my full review.

The New Apple TV Reviewed: It’s All About the Video

The Apple TV is here; one just arrived at my door this morning. I spent the day setting it up and putting the minimalist device through its paces, and here’s what I think of Apple’s latest foray into the living room.