iPod Nano Watch Kits Nab Nearly $1M in Funding

Earlier, we reported that the TikTok and LunaTik watchband kits for the iPod nano had broken a funding record on Kickstarter. Well, fast forward to now, with the funding about to close, and the project has garnered more than $900,000 in funding.

Chrome OS: What Is It Good For?

The Cr-48 offers marginal hardware and an imperfect experience, but as Google very clearly stated, this device isn’t going to be sold in the market. The real story to focus on is ChromeOS and what it really means, and who Google is targeting.

Evil Downside of Better Mobile Devices: More to Carry & Choose

Mobile devices are surely improving. Cameras in phones are replacing point and shoots, while small tablets offer features that once were the realm of laptops. While that sounds great, am I the only one getting weighed down with more mobile gadgets, defeating the purpose of mobility?

The Network Computer Arrives…Finally!

Larry Ellison first touted the idea of network computer in 1995. One of the early believers was Eric Schmidt, then with Sun Microsystems. Today, with the launch of Chrome OS, his line long dream of a network OS, centered around web and net-applications has fine come alive.

Who’s Going to Win the LTE Race?

The 2G wireless hardware market was dominated by Motorola, Ericsson & Nokia, collectively called M.E.N. Then came 3G and along with it Nortel and Lucent. With LTE wireless broadband on the horizon who is going to dominate the next generation hardware business? Find out.

Huawei Hires Ex-Nortel CTO John Roese

Huawei?, the Chinese telecom equipment maker wants to be the biggest networking equipment maker in the world. And it wants to do that by not just selling cut-rate gear. Instead it wants to sign-up bright minds from around the world to help it innovate.

Dear BlackBerry, I Want a Real PlayBook, Not Videos

As a long time BlackBerry user, I get pretty excited when RIM announces a new model. I’ve been particularly excited by it introducing a new tablet device, but I can’t ignore that it’s essentially hyping a product that isn’t likely to hit the market anytime soon.

Unboxed: Samsung Galaxy Tablet [Video]

Apple’s iconic tablet, the iPad is going to start seeing some competition. Four major U.S. carriers are launching Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch tablet powered by Google’s Android OS. Here is a short unboxing video of the Sprint variant of the tablet.

Could Apple Sell 48 Million iPads?

One analyst this week that Apple will ship between 45 and 48 million iPads in 2011. That’s a number that would a require some extraordinary shifts and macro-events in order to happen, and Apple needs much more than just the next-generation device to meet that figure.

Wi-Fi Direct Promises Device-to-Device Connectivity

Wi-Fi Direct, the standard for device-to-device connections without a traditional network, is finally getting out of the gates officially with the Wi-Fi Alliance certifying the first generation of products today. The initial devices, mostly laptop mini-cards, are now available and testing is open to new gadgets.