iPod T-Shirt

iPod T-Shirt
Now you too can express your geeky-ness by wearing this shirt that proudly proclaims: “I had an iPod before you even knew what one was.”

Clarion to Offer Automobile/iPod Integration

At the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), car-audio manufacturer, Clarion will be debuting their initial offering of iPod integration with your car. While it sounds like you’ll need their in-dash DVD player/monitor for full integration, there’s also mention of a CD receiver model to be released at sometime in the coming year, so those who can’t (or don’t want to) spring for an entire DVD system can relax a skosh.
The DVD system (VRX755VD) will feature a 7 inch touch screen with iPod integration supporting Playlists, Songs, and Artist Information on it’s control screen.
Throw the iTunes Visual Effects in there somehow and it’d be a pretty sweet setup for those who can afford it (myself, not being one of them…)
EDIT:Apparently a couple images (Clarion graphic renderings or real, I cannot discern) have popped-up of the VRX755VD (The DVD system). click here to see them

Washington Times names iMac G5 computer of the year.

“IMac’s G5 top choice of year” from The Washington Times – “…It will cost close to $2,100 to get the supersized 20-inch model with extra RAM and a wireless keyboard and mouse. That’s a relatively high price in this age of far-less-expensive Windows-based machines. But Apple Computers IMac G5 is a very impressive machine. It earns top honors from this column, and might well earn a top spot on your holiday shopping list.”

Apple-Branded Entertainment Server?

Merrill Lynch speculates at Apple introducing an entertainment server to the market, to possibly compete with current DVR’s and Media Center PC’s. “A 200GB Apple server at a reasonable price and possibly with PVR technology could be Apple’s next category killer,” the firm was reported saying. “It’s premature to know which (if any) device will become the centerpiece of the digital family room of the future,” … “Still, we doubt that PCs (even Media Center PCs) will win because they are too complex and unstable. It strikes us as more likely that either (1) the game console will move up market to become the leading device or (2) a new system we dub the entertainment server will be created.”

MacMice Creates New MIDI Keyboard for GarageBand

GarageKeyThe DVForge brand, MacMice, has recently debuted it’s newest product. GarageKey is a USB-MIDI device made specifically for GarageBand users.

The GarageKey USB-MIDI keyboard is the only keyboard on the market designed exclusively for use by Apple GarageBand software users who want a small, elegantly styled keyboard.

GarageKey is fully equipped with 37 full-size, velocity sensitive keys. It is also designed specifically to match Apple’s line of sleekly designed products with clear acrylic and bright white keys similar to that of the Apple desktop keyboards.
GarageKey is scheduled to ship on December 12 with promise to deliver in time for Christmas. It has a MSRP of $119.99 and is available for pre-order on the MacMice website.

The iPod Isn’t Budging Anytime Soon

According to Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf, it is expected that Apple will sell 13.3 million iPods in 2005, 23.5 million in 2006 and that more than 100 million Windows users will own iPods by 2008.
100 million Windows users eh? As much as Windows users bash Apple, they can’t deny how stinkin’ cool Apple products are.