Apple Cleans Up at T3 Gadget Awards

U.K. magazine T3 gave out its Gadget Awards last night, annual prizes that are awarded to the best and brightest in consumer electronics. The awards reminded that the buying public’s love of Apple products in general, and with the iPad specifically, is an international affair.

Intel, Grid Net Launch Assault on Home Energy

Intel has made no secret of its ambition for a fat slice of the home energy management market, but here’s the chip maker’s official play: a hardware design blueprint based on its Atom chip for any manufacturer that wants to build and sell home energy monitoring devices.

Apple TV Now Shipping

For those refresh monkeys banging away at the Apple (s aapl) Store online shortly after the event on September 1st, your obsession may finally be rewarded. Many early buyers are reporting their Apple TVs are now shipping, with expected arrival dates as early as September 29.

Where is the Next Great Smartphone from Palm and HP?

It’s been about three months since HP finalized its $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm and there’s obviously some digesting and transitioning going on. But the growing question is: when are we going to see some new webOS handset hardware from HP and Palm?

Live TV and PVR Next on the Menu for Apple TV?

The Apple TV is admittedly a better bargain at $99, but it still isn’t really whetting my appetite, but a couple of rumored additions could help that change. According to some, Live TV and PVR capabilities are next in line for Apple’s favorite living room hobby.

Big Data Means Big Sales: IBM to Buy Netezza for $1.7B

IBM says it will acquire Marlborough, Mass.,-based Netezza Corporation, a maker of data warehousing analytics for a whopping $1.7 billion in cash. IBM is offering $27 a share for the Neteeza and hopes that the smaller company would help IBM with its growing business analytics practice.

Is Apple Working on a 7-Inch Screen iPad?

Apple, perhaps worried about competition from the Android camp, maybe looking to develop a new version of iPad: this one with a 7-inch screen and bring it to market sometime in 2011, according to an analyst. The new iPad will allegedly have both front-and-rear facing cameras.

ARM Is Gunning for Intel in Supercomputers, Too

During the 90s, Intel made big strides in getting its commodity chips in supercomputers or high performance computing systems that crunch big data. But chips built using the ARM architecture common to cell phones are likely to find a home in HPC in the near future.

The MacBook Air Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

Anyone reading this on a MacBook Air knows that it’s truly the lightest, full-featured notebook available. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation. Anyone who hasn’t owned one doesn’t understand. I’m here to make a case that anyone that hasn’t used one should give it a shot.

How-To: Create the Ultimate Camera-to-Internet Workflow

Taking photos with smartphones and uploading them to the Internet instantly is nothing to brag about these days. Even point-and-shoot cameras have optional Wi-Fi solutions available to upload images as soon as they are taken. But what if your needs are a little more complex?