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When the Latest Isn’t the Greatest

Are you the kind of person who has to have the latest versions of hardware and software? If so, don’t bother to read on; for the rest of us, it’s worth considering if and when to move to a new version.

Australian Website Hints at New Macs, Higher Prices

An Australian tech website has started running ads featuring Mac Pros (s aapl) and MacBook Pros whose entry-level prices are noticeably higher than those in the current Mac lineup.

So what, right? The ads are probably incorrectly labeled, or something. But the word on the street (well, the word on Engadget, anyway) is that these might predict the much-anticipated Mac refreshes that we’ve been waiting for.
From Engadget:

Apple’s Australian online store lists the most affordable versions of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro at A$1599, A$1999 and A$3599, respectively, but the ads show significantly higher “starting at” prices of A$1899, A$2399, and A$4499.

Following the ads to Apple’s Australian online store reveals the same Mac models at the same old prices, so either these ads are terribly wrong or they’re been released a little early… Read More about Australian Website Hints at New Macs, Higher Prices

Once Upon a Time, Long Before the iPad, Steve Jobs Rode a BMW Motorcycle

Two years before the Macintosh was unveiled, Apple’s (s aapl) then-and-future CEO was photographed by Charles O’Rear for a National Geographic Magazine feature on Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, riding a 1966 BMW R60/2 motorcycle.

27 years old, with longish hair (no helmet), wearing tan boots and a light-colored shirt with sleeves rolled back (no black turtleneck), Jobs looks like he’s having the time of his life riding the two-wheel Bimmer in San Francisco freelancer Moira Johnston’s feature “High Tech, High Risk, and High Life in Silicon Valley,” published in the magazine’s October 1982 issue.

However, notwithstanding his (excellent) taste in bikes, Steve’s stated ambition, when interviewed by Johnston over herb tea at a vegetarian restaurant, was modestly at the time to become “the Volkswagen” of the microcomputer sector rather than its BMW — which became a popular automotive analogy with Apple-watching commentators later on — although he emphasizes that “We’d rather call the Apple a personal than a home computer.” Read More about Once Upon a Time, Long Before the iPad, Steve Jobs Rode a BMW Motorcycle

Sponsor post: Atimi Software Joins AT&T Business Alliance Channel Program as an Apple Ecosystem Elite Member

Atimi Software Inc. has joined the AT&T Business Alliance Channel program as an Elite Member in the Apple ecosystem providing mobility solutions. Atimi joins a small number of firms supporting AT&T’s business customers in the United States as they develop and evolve their brand image, e-commerce, and publishing strategies on Apple’s iPhone and other smartphone platforms.

Atimi is one of the leading iPhone development firms in North America and by December of 2009 had produced more than 25 iPhone applications for leading U.S. brands in Media & Entertainment; Fashion; Health; Education; Finance; Games; Municipal Mapping and Utility. Atimi is also is one of the leading Macintosh development houses in the world; it supports global firms in development and porting of applications to the Mac platform. Atimi’s immediate partnership goal will be to help AT&T support its ever-growing base of iPhone and Mac desktop clients.

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Apple Makes at Least $200 Per iPad Sold: Report

A new report about production costs for the iPad reveals a wide profit margin on a per-device basis. The entry-level $499 model apparently generates $208 in profit, while the top of the line $829 model more than doubles that, raking in $446 per unit.

iPad: Around the Network

In addition to our own coverage of the recently launched iPad, our fellow GigaOM sites have also been writing up their fair share of great perspective on Apple’s latest product launch.

Outbreak Adds Some Flare to the LG15 Universe

[show=lgoutbreak size=large]The lonelygirl15 web series franchise has always drawn its success from its fans. But ever since its original creators changed their focus to branded content over original, that has literally been the case thanks to The Show is Yours project, which allowed members of the community to submit their own series for production. And while the first round of the The Show Is Yours resulted in a bit of internal drama, it did keep the show’s brand going with minimal investment from EQAL and renewed fan engagement.

Two weeks ago, the second series to be commissioned under the TSIY banner, LG15: Outbreak launched under the creative lead of Gregory Austin McConnell, known originally to members of the fan community as Greg Mason, a fictional critic of LG15.

While it’s common for LG15 fans to create their own contributions to the series’ narrative, though, McConnell didn’t start off as a fan: “I really didn’t like the show,” he said via phone. “And being the sort of mean-spirited guy I am, I thought I’d give them a piece of my mind, so I created [Mason] within the universe of the show to criticize it.” However, the community responded positively to Mason’s comments, so he continued producing videos critiquing the show — and submitted his own idea when the second round of TSIY came up, figuring that he “could do a better job than they’re doing.”

The result, Outbreak, is a mystery-laden new entry focused around Crystal (Dani Martin), a mysterious and attractive young woman who refuses to discuss her past with her new YouTube friends, but appreciates the support they offer when, her first week in her new apartment, she experiences a strange break-in and advances from a creepy neighbor. Read More about Outbreak Adds Some Flare to the LG15 Universe