The Day I Disconnected

Last weekend, I disconnected from the web completely. Unlike a holiday, though, I still needed to go about my ordinary activities. This experience revealed to me how much I’ve come to rely on the web, and highlighted some unexpected ways it’s changing my lifestyle.

EditMe: Easy Wiki Creation and Collaboration

As part of a rapidly growing company with product lines that are continually evolving, I was recently tasked with choosing a platform for the storage of company data, to bring together the information currently housed in Google Docs, emails and elsewhere. I chose editme, here’s why.

Credit Suisse Spawn DynamicOps Enters Private Cloud Game

The cloud-management space got a little more crowded with the release of DynamicOps’ Cloud Automation Center. That market is full of startup vendors, but DynamicOps has a couple of aces in the hole that might make it particularly appealing to enterprise customers.

Zimbra Executive Heads To Hot Storage Startup

Scott Dietzen, co-founder of Zimbra, is headed to a hot stealth-mode startup, PURE Storage, a company started by John Colgrove, a veteran of storage industry and founding engineer at Veritas, a storage software company. Graylock and Sutter Hill are two of the main VC backers.

What Comes Next in the Red-Hot Analytics Market?

The action in the data warehouse/analytic database space has been hot and heavy over the past couple weeks, with new funding, acquisitions and partnerships announced seemingly every day, and this trend is unlikely to slow. I predict a few more acquisitions coming down the pike.

Time Management Beyond the Task List

I tend to think that while we might occasionally strike a balance, it’s hard to maintain. As soon as you think you’ve got things where you want them, the game changes — and that certainly applies to managing my social, colleague and personal time.

VuRoom: Easy Multi-Party Video Calls in Skype

We really like the Skype platform, so when looking for a way to overcome our technical challenges we looked for ways to “piggyback” on our existing system. I believe we have found our solution with VuRoom, a video conferencing plugin for Skype.

Mobile App Boom Is Lifting Heroku’s Fortunes

The rise of smartphones is having an impact across the entire technology food chain from chip makers to handset manufacturers. San Francisco-based Heroku, which has been focused on being a Ruby-on-Rails cloud platform, has seen a sudden demand for its service from mobile app developers

Donating Professional Services in a Crisis

Technology workers are often called on to donate our services, which most of us are happy to do so. For example, five years ago, I wanted to help those affected by the floods caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, since I have connections with New Orleans.