A Team Member Without Good Internet Access: What to Do?

When you work with a virtual team, good Internet access is crucial. One person with a spotty connection can slow down the whole group. This issue is becoming a growing concern as companies hire employees around the world; Internet access isn’t consistent in every country.

Document Collaboration Best Practices

Working in teams with members spread out across various time zones around the world can be a challenge. Even when your team is located in the same building, sharing and collaborating on documents and content can be tricky if you aren’t using the right tools.

How to Change the Twitter for Mac Icon (And Others, Too)

Twitter for Mac is one of the great apps introduced alongside the Mac App Store. Since then, it’s been updated twice and the app’s icon changed (some would say for the worse) both times. Here’s how to change the icon back to whichever you like best.

Creating and Implementing Your Marketing Plan (Part 1)

Marketing is an area where many business owners flounder. You may have ideas for how you might promote your business, but figuring out if your strategy and tactics are worthwhile and then organizing your ideas into a workable plan of action can be overwhelming.

How to Make Paper Communication Productive With QR Codes

Creating and using QR codes is so easy, it struck me that they could also be useful for enterprise deployment, especially if your office still uses paper for some communication purposes. Here are some sample applications of the kinds of implementations that I’m now using.

Screencast: How to Create iPhone Ringtones for Free

One of the best things about the iPhone is how easily you can set your own custom ringtones. Creating those ringtones from music from your own library is incredibly easy, too, and doesn’t require any paid third-party software. All you need is Garage Band and iTunes.

The Rapid Evolution of Digital Language

The web has provided a hothouse for the blossoming of fad language, jargon and discipline-specific words. How do web workers keep up with the evolution of online language? And how do we avoid sounding out-of-touch in a field where being connected is the most basic requirement?

MobileMe 101: How to Set Up Back to My Mac

MobileMe offers subscribers a terrific level of remote access to files and applications stored on home Macs when on the road. You may be a MobileMe subscriber and not even be aware of this feature. Here’s how to go about setting up Back to My Mac.

How to Share Your iPhone’s Data Connection Right Now

Don’t want to wait until iOS 4.3 becomes publicly available to share your iPhone’s data connection? There’s a way to do it, but you’ll need to also have a Mac handy. It isn’t the most portable solution, but it gets the job done.

Making Work Into a Fun Event

At CES my employer, Intel, hired Hugh MacLeod (aka gapingvoid) to draw custom cartoons, hang out in the booth and give out signed copies of those cartoons. It got me thinking about other ways to incorporate fun into our work events.