The New World of Enterprise Collaboration

The convergence of cloud computing, more empowered employees and on-demand infrastructure is driving adoption of technologies — from workspaces like, Huddle and Cetnral Desktop to customer-powered support communities like Get Satisfaction — that foster high-impact collaboration and with that, innovation.

Who’s Going to Win the LTE Race?

The 2G wireless hardware market was dominated by Motorola, Ericsson & Nokia, collectively called M.E.N. Then came 3G and along with it Nortel and Lucent. With LTE wireless broadband on the horizon who is going to dominate the next generation hardware business? Find out.

Huawei Hires Ex-Nortel CTO John Roese

Huawei?, the Chinese telecom equipment maker wants to be the biggest networking equipment maker in the world. And it wants to do that by not just selling cut-rate gear. Instead it wants to sign-up bright minds from around the world to help it innovate.

Heroku: Serving Up 100,000 Apps

Heroku, the San Francisco-based Platform-as-a-Service provider is all set to hit the magical 100,000 app mark, sometime next week. The PAAS platform had 40,000 apps a year ago. Heroku’s platform is gaining momentum and as companies finds increased adoption amongst corporate users and mobile developers.

For Google, Capex Costs Are Worth the Money

Google’s recent push into tablets and mobile, along with offering new search services such as Google Instant, are pushing up the company’s capex, which is slotted to grow almost 184 percent in 2010. Next year will be even higher. And all this spending is good.

Are We Headed to an Open Source Enterprise?

A number of factors — cost, security, control — make large-scale open source adoption both a valid option and a difficult choice for enterprises. On the one hand, it’s cost-effective, inherently agile and reliable. On the other, it’s innovative, disruptive and therefore risky to business owners.

LTE to Boost Demand for Mobile Bandwidth, Network Gear

The smartphone boom is already putting wireless networks under intense pressure. With higher speed LTE networks on the horizon, it is a matter of time before demand for networking gear and bandwidth shoots up. That’s much-needed good news for the telecom sector.

Calix to Buy Occam Networks For $171 Million

Calix, a maker of next generation networking gear is buying Occam networks for $171 million in a stock and cash transaction. The deal values Occam at $7.75 a share — a 27 percent premium over current stock price and includes $3.84 a share in cash.

Intel Pumps $30M Into American Startups

Intel has taken up a patriotic cause this year, paying special attention to promising U.S.-based companies. The company announced four software and chip companies that have collectively received over $30 million from its Intel Capital Invest in America Technology Fund, including an energy software maker.

HP Buys ArcSight to Bring Security to the Cloud

Hewlett-Packard has agreed to buy security software maker ArcSightfor $1.5 billion in cash, as the computer giant tries to expand the range of services it offers corporate clients. ArcSight’s software is used by companies and governments to track and identify suspicious activity on corporate networks.