Digg Not Likely to Give Up on Cassandra

Cassandra, the NoSQL software is being blamed for scaling problems being faced by Digg, which led to the yet-unconfirmed departure of Digg VP of Engineering John Quinn, a champion of Cassandra. Still, we hear the social news site isn’t giving up on the software – yet!

Facebook & Friends Moving Faster With HipHop

Six months ago, Facebook open-sourced ?a set of technologies called HipHop for PHP. It was a way to turbocharge PHP. Facebook says it has helped them get faster, it has helped improve php using open-source software that like WordPress, MediaWiki, phpBB and Drupal.

Enterprise: Yeah, We’re Cool With Open Source

The just released the annual 2010 Open Source Management Survey found that open source is seen to be easier to deploy than previously, IT professionals are articulating a preference for open source., and no longer focusing on whether it’s open source or proprietary

Want a Choice in LTE Providers? Move to Uzbekistan!

UCell, a wireless service provider in Uzbekistan, has deployed an LTE network, making the central Asia nation the first to offer two different LTE networks. The new high-speed network offers theoretical peak speeds of 100 Mbps and is powered by software and equipment from ZTE.

Meet the Big Data Equivalent of the LAMP Stack

Hadoop, thanks to the growing importance of Big Data Analytics is gaining traction inside the enterprise. What’s been missing for Big Data Analytics has been a LAMP-like stack. Fortunately, a stack for Big Data aggregation, processing and analytics is on its way.

Why OpenStack Has its Work Cut Out

I’m all for openness, but as I discuss in my weekly column at GigaOM Pro, it’s do not too difficult to play devil’s advocate and make the case that open source cloud platform OpenStack won’t create true rivals for leading cloud providers or cloud software vendors.