Could Chinese iClones be Android’s Secret Weapon?

Android’s share of the mobile market might be growing rapidly, but if it really wants to generate Apple-style levels of consumer excitement, it could learn some lessons from the legion of iPhone copycats that are all the rage across China.

The Anatomy of a New Idea

I’ve had the chance to speak with a number of online innovators. Every day, step by step, these people have proceeded into the unknown. The web has possibilities for innovation that takes us from the warm shallows into the uncharted depths beyond what we know now.

Just How Social Will the E-book Be?

Perhaps the last refuge from social media is the book, where many of us go to find shelter from the smoggy haze of status updates, tweets and comments hanging over our media lives. But the solitary paradise known as the book is going social too.

China Has 420M Internet Users and a Need for Speed

The number of internet users in China rose by 9.4 in the first six months of the year, and is now at 420 million, according to China’s Internet Network Information Center. It’s a huge market, and one that’s getting faster speeds with government subsidized fiber deployments

DemandTec Explains How It Keeps Big Data on Target

DemandTec, a retail forecasting software provider, has convinced Target Corp. to hand over even more of its shopping data in order to better set prices and forecast demand. But DemandTec has needs of its own — partners that can help it filter unstructured social data.

Bloom Won’t Micromanage Data So Apps Can Scale

Building webscale applications is hampered by figuring out how to spread tasks out over thousands of computers without slowing things down or requiring too many people to keep things running. A Berkeley researcher hopes to solve some of those issues with a programming language called Bloom.

Can Facebook or Twitter Spin Off the Next Hadoop?

In some ways, the fact that Hadoop is mature enough to inspire commercial products — Cloudera and Karmasphere, e.g. — means it’s yesterday’s news. Which open-source, big-data-inspired product will be the next to launch a wave of startups and drive tens of millions in VC spending?

Check Out a Big Primer on Big Data

Big data is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days as more information is contributed to electronic records and more sources provide that information. We now have a river of data that we’re going to harness and use to make money and better decisions.