YouTube Goes For The Holy Grail of TV

YouTube has finally rolled out its YouTube Leanback user interface, which was designed with Google TV in mind, and provides a way to easily navigate the site while viewing it on a big screen, as well as the non-stop viewing users expect from watching TV.

Is Silicon Valley Focusing Too Much On Consumer Tech?

The overriding contemporary image of Silicon Valley is it is focused on “light” innovation. It has gone Hollywood — focused on the glitz and the superficial. More complex innovation has been moving elsewhere, to former customers of the Valley like GE and overseas companies.

The Book is Dead! Long Live the Book

Did you hear that Barnes & Noble is up for sale? The sale is a watershed event in the history of modern publishing. It foretells a future where the book of yesterday and today will look very different from book of tomorrow. And I love it.

lonelygirl15 Creator, Epic Fu’s Diaz Elected to IAWTV Board

The International Association of Web Television today announced the five new members of the Board of Directors, chosen in a special election after five of the original board members — Brady Brim-Deforest, Josh Cohen, Marc Hustvedt, Mo Koyfman and Jamison Tilsner — stepped down.

7 Reasons Why Techies Love Inception

With opening weekend box office receipts of $62.8 million, it’s clear that the film “Inception” appeals to a broad audience, but Silicon Valley in particular is burning with love for this movie. And I can see why: let me address that question on multiple levels.

World Cup Stats: ESPN3 Beats Univision, ITV Scores in UK

The World Cup has been a big traffic machine for ESPN3. The broadband network tracked close to 800,000 soccer fans tuning in for the match between the U.S. and Slovenia. Competitor on the other hand had its best day when Mexico faced off against France.