Dockem Makes Wall-Mounting Gadgets Quick and Painless

I’ve being weighing my options for wall-mounting my iPad and iPhone since I first got the devices, but no current solution meets my needs, which are simplicity, flexibility and ease of access. The Kickstarter-funded Dockem looks like it might be just what I’m looking for.

How to Fix TV Show Sorting on iOS Devices

If you acquire television shows from sources other than the iTunes Store for enjoyment on your iOS device, some of that enjoyment may be frustrated by a bug that inexplicably missorts shows and episodes. Luckily, the fix is simple, if a little illogical.

Rumor Has It: 20 Million Plus iPhones for Q1 2011

Confirmed last month by Fortune and the Wall Street Journal, the Verizon iPhone is already impacting competitor sales without actually being sold. Now reports of component suppliers taking orders for CDMA iPhone have now surfaced, driving iPhone sales expectations for next year even higher.

So You Got an iPad, Now What?

Were you lucky enough to open an iPad Christmas morning? Then you might be wondering what to do with your new tablet now that you’ve got one. We’ve got you covered, with a healthy selection of info, tips, apps and accessory reviews.

Rumor Has It: iPad 2 to Get New Back, Better Speaker

A new report by Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara published Thursday claims the next iPad will have a flat back like the iPod touch, a better speaker with a wider range, and a smaller bezel around the screen, reducing the overall size of the device.

9 Things on the iPad 2 Wish List

Let’s be clear; the iPad rocks. If it never changes, I’d still be happy with it. But since we’re at that point in the year when we’re offering predictions and hopes regarding what’s to come, here’s a list of must-have features in iPad 2.

Hands-On With Apple’s New iAd Producer

Apple wants everyone to get in on the iAd game, so today it launched iAd Producer. The Mac app is available as a free download for iOS developers through Apple’s website. iAd Producer allows you to design and prepare interactive iAd advertisements using a visual editor.

Take the Setup Out of iOS Device Holiday Gifting

When I was a kid, and even as an adult, the phrase “some assembly required” turned the excitement of ripping the wrapping paper off a gift into an unappreciated lesson in delayed gratification. Help make that gratification instant by setting up your iDevice gifts in advance.

Wi-Fi iPad with Verizon Mifi vs. iPad 3G on AT&T

With Wi-Fi iPads now available directly from Verizon bundled with a MiFi wireless hot spot, you’re no longer limited to AT&T for on-the-go iPad connectivity. So which is better, Verizon or AT&T? We look at three key determining factors to help decide the answer.

Google Turns on Desktop Docs Editor for iPad

Google made it possible to edit and create Google Docs documents with your iPad on Nov. 17, but the editor it introduced lacked many features. Late Dec. 9, the company introduced the ability to switch to the full version of the editor to access those features.