More iOS 4.3 News: “Find My Friends,” New Device References

Yesterday, we learned that iOS 4.3 will have new features including more multi-touch gestures, the ability to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and third-party support for AirPlay streaming. Today, more features continue to be revealed, and at least one previously removed option has been added back.

Will iPhone’s Personal Hotspot Make the 3G iPad Irrelevant?

Verizon announced the iPhone’s ability to act as a personal hotspot Jan. 11, but yesterday’s release of the iOS 4.3 beta confirmed that the feature will eventually make its way out to all iPhones, carriers willing. Where does that leave the 3G iPad?

Switching to Verizon: It’s About the Coverage

Analysts estimate sales of a Verizon iPhone to be from three to six million units per quarter, with a substantial number being sold to refugees from AT&T’s network. Whether or not you join the crowd will likely come down to coverage, cost and features.

Could Chinese iClones be Android’s Secret Weapon?

Android’s share of the mobile market might be growing rapidly, but if it really wants to generate Apple-style levels of consumer excitement, it could learn some lessons from the legion of iPhone copycats that are all the rage across China.

Apple’s iPhone Gross Profit Double That of Motorola, RIM

Apple’s gross profits on the iPhone add up to more than double those of Motorola and RIM combined, according to a new report by stock market analysis firm Trefis. The report’s estimates put Apple’s total iPhone-based gross profit at $14.8 billion for 2010.

Apple iBookstore Adding More Picture Books, Canadian Content

Apple’s iBookstore for iOS devices is getting an influx of new content. There’s a major injection of illustrated titles set to arrive today, according to the New York Times, and the Canadian government just approved the sale of Canadian content in Apple’s e-book marketplace.

10 Things on the iPhone 5 Wish List

We’ve come an awfully long way since the first iPhone was released in 2007. The last three and a half years have seen dramatic improvements in both the hardware and software of Apple’s smartphone. So what more could you ask for? A lot, it turns out.

Rumor Has It: Verizon to Pay for iPhone Semi-Exclusivity

Verizon seems poised to get the iPhone, but that might be where the buck stops, according to a new Kaufman Bros. analyst note from Shaw Wu posted Monday. Wu says Verizon is going to pay to ensure the iPhone stays only with it and AT&T.

Save Up to $175 on iPhone at RadioShack

Is an iPhone 4 on your holiday wish list? If yes, RadioShack has an attractive deal starting Saturday, Dec. 4. You instantly save $50 on the iPhone 4 and 3GS, but with trade-ins on your old device, that could climb as high as $175.

Infographic: iPhone’s Role in Holiday Shopping

The iPhone and mobile shopping apps play a big role in holiday shopping, it turns out. How big? Mobile advertising network Moblix gives a good idea with its monthly infographic for December. The most impressive number? iPhone shopping app usage growth when compared to last year.