Track Your iPhone’s Data Usage With DataMan

The days of AT&T’s all you can eat data plans are dead and gone. Now, your options for data on the iPhone are 200MB or 2GB of data per month. Regardless of which plan you’re on, keeping track of usage is useful. Enter DataMan.

Stress Testing the iPhone 4, HTC Desire

A website has launched that puts popular smartphones through a series of controlled stress tests to see how they fare. takes smartphones and puts some serious hurt on them, then ranks them so consumers can tell how each phone stacks up against the competition.

Snap Pic of Any Invoice and the Bank Pays It

Mitek Systems will today introduce Mobile Photo Bill Pay, a system that allows snapping a photo of any bill and having it paid from customer’s accounts at participating financial organizations. Bills can be paid by taking a photo of a paper invoice with a smartphone.

Tango: Good Video Call Alternative for Android, iPhone

Android phones like the EVO and Droid X have a front-facing camera to enable making video calls. The iPhone 4 has a camera too, and while FaceTime is Apple’s app for making calls on that platform, newcomer Tango makes calls possible on both iOS and Android.

Apple and Oracle Must Let Developers Have Their Say

While Apple and Oracle have enjoyed tremendous success with their integrated suite approaches to business, the open ‘read/write’ model that open source encourages provides a better platform for third-party developers and promises to be the basis of successful startups, not to mention national economies.

Google Bringing Document Editing to Android, iPad

Google unveiled a new mobile login verification system today, and perhaps more importantly slipped in that editing of Google Docs would be coming soon to Android and the iPad. The ability to edit docs on the two mobile platforms will bring real-time collaboration to mobile users.

Video: Parallels Mobile Running Windows on iPad

Parallels Desktop 6 makes it easy to run an alternate OS on any Mac in a virtual machine. Those needing to run Windows will find it makes using OS X and Windows side-by-side a solid experience. Parallels Mobile for iOS brings Windows to the iPad.

Put Windows on Your iPhone or iPad With Parallels Mobile

Parallels Desktop 6 recently launched, and we were all over it. Today, Parallels Mobile is available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Parallels Mobile lets you access any virtual machine running on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 6, over either Wi-Fi or 3G connections.

Mobile App Developers, Take Our Survey!

How can a developer prosper in the competitive space of mobile apps? ¬†You tell us. If you’re a mobile app developer, please take our survey to help us see where the market is going. We want to know about platforms, profits and popular apps.

Apple Relaxes Development Demands as Android Grows

Apple today has relaxed development requirements for iOS devices, allowing programmers to use non-Apple tools to create mobile applications. This easing still prohibits iOS applications from downloading additional code, but should open the doors for iOS apps to be built from non-Apple frameworks and cross-platform tools.