OpenSourceCMS Puts You in the Content Management Driver’s Seat

In recent years, free, open-source content management systems (CMS) have become very powerful tools for building, deploying and managing web sites, blogs and more. You may be familiar with some of the top-notch names in this arena, including Drupal and Joomla.  WebWorkerDaily’s sister blog OStatic was built in and runs on Drupal, and it powers other sites such as The Onion and Fast Company as well. In every way, the best of these free tools are competing neck-and-neck with costly proprietary alternatives. So how do you go about choosing one to try?

In this post, I’ll cover the newly overhauled version of OpenSourceCMS, which lets you put on your administrator gloves and try top, free CMS tools.

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Mark the End of the Day and Finish on Time

Image by user blu_arim

Image by user blu_arim

One of the things that I struggle with most when I’m working from home is wrapping up and finishing for the day. Quite often, I’ll mean to finish at, say, 6:30 pm, but then another email drops into the old inbox, or I’ll move onto “just one more” task, and before I know it it’s late into the night and I haven’t even started thinking about dinner.

When working from home, separating “work” and “home” is one of my biggest challenges. I’ve developed a few strategies to try to deal with this over the years.

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Maintaining Your Flexibility as a Freelancer

One of the things I love about online freelancing is the flexibility.  I can choose the projects I want to work on and have a customized schedule.  It’s this kind of freedom that entice many traditional employees to become freelancers, or at least to work from home.

But there are times when becoming a freelancer seems like a regular 9-to-5 job.  This usually happens when we pull all-nighters, do repetitive work, and can’t seem to find peace of mind during a busy week.  It’s these times that make freelancing seem so much harder than traditional employment.  The good news is that there are ways to minimize the chances of this happening, or to avoid it altogether.
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Top Resources for Finding Web Work

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us and an economic mania going on, it’s a good time for all of us who have gainful employment to be thankful. For those who don’t,  there are some good resources to tap in order to rectify the situation. In this post, I’ll round up some ideas for web workers who need work.

Whether you’re looking for something full time or part time, oDesk is a good place to start. It’s a staffing marketplace and management platform that provides a simple way to get hired for tech jobs available all around the world. We recently did an interview with the CEO, where he explains how the service works.
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Adobe CS4 Shipping, Welome to Obsolescence CS3

According to John Nack, Principal Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, the entire Creative Suite 4 is now shipping.

Announced in September, the release date itself was not initially specified.  Those looking to test out the new programs before deciding whether or not to upgrade will have to wait, as trials are not yet available for download on Adobe’s site.  You can however sign up here to be notified when the downloads do go live.
All products in the suite have received some nice feature additions, including the Application Frame for Mac versions, which allows users to opt for a a single window display if they prefer, rather than the floating pane configuration of CS3 and earlier products. The new mode addresses the complaints of some users regarding accidentally clicking through to background applications, and the visual distraction and clutter of the independent pane UI.
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jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 30: The Origami Experience


VGA iTunes compatible version (MP4 format, 640 x 480, 87.4 MB,13 minutes)

VGA Windows Media Player version (WMV format, 640 x 480, 71 MB, 13 minutes)

Icon_128x128_1The Microsoft Origami Project team was generous enough to provide us the forthcoming Origami Expereience software and we give you a quick tour. Unlike the original Origami interface, I think I’ll be using this new one on my UMPC running Vista. You’ll see how everything is accessible and usable without a stylus and the performance is nothing short of astounding!

Watch the brief video and then watch for the Origami Experience software to become available around Vista launch time!


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jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 29: Fujitsu’s Stylistic ST5112 slate Tablet


VGA iTunes compatible version (MP4 format, 640 x 480, 299 MB, 44 minutes)

VGA Windows Media Player version (WMV format, 640 x 480, 242 MB, 44 minutes)

Icon_128x128_1What a powerhouse! The Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 is all power and all slate. The 12.1-inch Tablet PC with the Core Duo processor runs for hours and hours After using the slate for a few weeks, I share some of the following aspects:

  • Complete walk around of the device
  • Thoughts on the pen and single speaker
  • Skype demo with the dual array microphone
  • Viewing angle of the screen and usage of the VGA out capabilities
  • Hardware buttons
  • Using the fingerprint sensor
  • Covering the included applications
  • Demonstrating the "warm" battery swap
  • Final thoughts

Three quick production notes:

  1. Lighting was a tad poor in my office studio, so the brightness isn’t what we’d normally like to provide; I apologize.
  2. Due to a lack of sunlight, I had to do a separate demo of the view anywhere screen on a different day; you’ll see this in the final two minutes of the video. I nominate this segment as the "worst demo of a great screen. ever."
  3. We now have a QVGA version of the video up on our YouTube channel if you want a lower-resolution version streamed.

A special thanks goes out to Allegiance Technology Partners for loaning us the Fujitsu Stylistic ST 5112 Tablet PC!


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jkOnTheRun Audio Edition gets a home makeover

You asked for it and you’ve got it.  All of our video reviews going forward will now be available in two formats.  The full (VGA) version will now be produced in MP4 format, meaning those of you (like me) who use iTunes as your podcatcher will be able to get it right in iTunes.  Just subscribe to the jkOnTheRun Audio Edition using this button if you haven’t already. 


We will also produce a smaller bandwidth-friendly QVGA version in WMV format so you can get it the same way you’ve always used.  Since most of our podcasts are now in video we will change the name to jkOnTheRun Mobile Media Edition to reflect that fact.  The most recent video #28 has already been produced in MP4 format if you want to test it out in iTunes, just go to the show post and give it a shot.

jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #28- Fujitsu P1610 video review


Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #28 here (WMV format, 320 x 240, 192MB, 52 minutes)

For the bandwidth-conscious, there’s a low-res version too. (WMV format, 320 x 240, 94 MB).

Jk_icon_medium_3Hold your horses!  Before you get all excited because you missed show #27 just hold on and listen a minute.  It seems that running off the production crew in show #25 was a very bad move on my part and although this would be show #27 it’s labeled all over as show #28.  It really is show #27 so you haven’t missed a thing, just pretend the last show was #27 and everything will be all right.

This show is a video overview of the new Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC and I think once you’ve seen this baby in action you’ll see why I like it so much.  It’s a mini-Tablet PC with an 8.9" touchscreen displaying 1280 x 768 and in the video you’ll see why it provides a complete Tablet PC experience without an active digitizer.  You’ll also see the first look at the port replicator and extended battery that provides 6 hours of ink time.


Enjoy the show and leave us some feedback about the Fujitsu.

Special thanks to Allegiance Technology Partners for supplying me with the review unit used in this video.  Visit their web site and see all the Tablety goodness they offer!

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Please note:  This video is in WMV format so it will not show up nor play in iTunes.  You will have to use another podcatcher or download the show direct to view.

QVGA video of the FlyBook review now available

Flybook_9Sorry for the delay, but if you passed on our 216 MB video review of the FlyBook, we do have a 95 MB QVGA version available for you now. Think of it as one quarter of the screen size and storage space but with double the pleasure and panache. Or just download it because you put off the VGA download; we don’t care. 😉 Look at it this way: my ugly mug is only 1/4th the size….just like the little picture here. Oh, we’re just soooooo clever…..