3 Ways Technology Will Change Black Friday

Black Friday has become a holiday unto itself, where bargain hunters shake off their turkey hangovers to wake up before dawn and chase amazing deals. But as is the case with many activities these days, technology is rapidly changing the way people shop.

iPass Adds In-Flight Wi-Fi

The question of whether the Internet should extend into our lives when we are cruising at 30,000 feet has been a heavily debated one. Should airplane cabins be bastions of quiet sanctity from the deluge of information and work that follows us everywhere?

A Visit to CoLab Orlando

I was intrigued to check out what coworking is like in a larger facility in a large city. What I discovered in visiting CoLab Orlando is that the important difference in size isn’t in the physical facility. It’s in the community created within it.

Minute Suites: Rest and Recharge, Airport Style

Between security hassles and being charged fees for everything but the oxygen we breathe on board a plane, air travel has become something to be endured rather than enjoyed. But a new service, called Minute Suites, wants to serve as travelers’ oasis.

Coworking Update: bzhive Opening Party

bzhive, a new coworking space in San Rafael, Ca. that I mentioned back in December, is to hold its opening party this Monday, February 8th at 6PM. bzhive will serve Marin County and its neighbors, and has a conference room and parking available.

8 Firefox Add-ons I Can’t Do Without

When I upgraded from Firefox 3.5.7 to 3.6 the other day, I discovered that a few of the add-ons that weren’t yet compatible were important to me. In fact, they had become such an integral part of my daily workflow that I was significantly slowed down without them. In this post I’m going to share the add-ons that I find it hard to be without.

Using the Web and Social Media to Create More Effective Events

When two hundred journalists got together recently for an “un-conference” on the future of journalism, it was hardly surprising that the results were documented, minute by minute, through notes, wikis, photos, audio, video, blogs and an amazing number of tweets.

The organizers approached me to develop a web site to aggregate these posts in real-time before, during and after the event. In the process, I learned how such a site can reinforce the development of community. Read More about Using the Web and Social Media to Create More Effective Events