Apple Conference Call: 6 Things You Should Know

Unlike last quarter, today’s conference call did not include a cameo by iconic CEO Steve Jobs, who announced a leave on absence on Monday. In fact, his name didn’t even come up, and that’s one of five things Apple watchers should know about today’s call.

The Best Deals in the Mac App Store Right Now

Alongside the launch of the Mac App Store, Apple cut the price of its professional photography application, Aperture, from $199 to just $79.99. But it wasn’t the only one to offer a price break. Here are some of the best deals in the store right now.

How the Mac App Store Could Lead to a Better iTunes

Much of the discussion surrounding the Mac App Store has been around the repercussions it will have on Mac application development, but I think it could finally signal a significant change in the role iTunes plays in media management on the Mac.

Why the Mac App Store Is Great for Remote Workers

For Mac-using remote workers, the Mac App Store presents a major step forward in making sure that we always have our tools with us, no matter where we are. The App Store now allows us to install apps associated with our accounts to any Mac.

Mac App Store Sees More Than 1M Downloads in First Day

The just-launched Mac App Store experienced more than 1 million downloads in its first active day, according to Apple. No word on how many of those were paid or how many were free, but Apple seems eager to attract new developers with the news.

Handbrake 0.9.5 Update Supports Apple TV 2, iPad, iPhone 4

Fair Use rights fans rejoice! Last updated in 2009, Handbrake, the open-source, cross-platform video transcoding app with the ugly icon, kicks off 2011 with updated presets for the new Apple TV, the iPad and the iPhone 4, but drops PPC support.

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Mac, but Which One?

You may have some cash from the holidays, and buying a Mac is as good a way as any to spend that money. Think about what you want, but more importantly, think about what you need. Here’s some advice to help make your decision easier.

How To Shorten URLs Anywhere With Automator

It’s become common practice to use services such as to shorten URLs, but this is usually done using a bookmarklet script, which only works in browsers. This Automator service allows you to select an URL in any application and shorten it using the API.

How To Cut the Cord Apple-Style in 2011

As if you needed another reason to ditch cable in 2011, it looks like prices are going up. So if you’re finally tired of getting fleeced, here’s a number of choices for how to cut the cord and go cable-free the Apple way.

Get Mac Anti-Theft App Hidden Free Until January

If you’re getting or giving a new MacBook during the next couple of days, then grab Mac app Hidden, which provides a number of theft prevention services. Now until January 2011, the app is free. All you need to do is register, download and install.