Techmeme Confirms Twitter Is News, But What About the Noise?

Techmeme, the news aggregator that is like CNN for geeks, says individual tweets will now be highlighted on the site if they are newsworthy enough. But will this new feature give the site more news to choose from, or just more produce more noise?

For Media Co’s, Facebook Is About Community, Not Ads

The way that NPR uses its Facebook page to connect with listeners and build community around its content has a number of lessons for other media entities, including the fact that they should focus more on engaging with their users and less time worrying about ads.

Twitter Is A Great Tool. What Happens When It’s Wrong?

Thanks to incidents like the revolution in Tunisia and the recent shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, most people have come to grips with the fact that Twitter is effectively a real-time news network. But what happens when that real-time news network is spreading mis-information?

Was What Happened in Tunisia a Twitter Revolution?

Even as protesters were still cheering the downfall of the government in Tunisia on Friday, the debate had already begun over what role social media had played in the event. Was it the first real Twitter revolution? The correct answer is probably yes and no.

What Makes a Good Hashtag? It’s Not Science

Hashtags on Twitter occasionally take off and become trends that dominate the network, like the recent #lessambitiousmovies tag. The Twitter media blog did a forensic analysis of that trend, but the interesting thing is just how random — and short-lived — these Twitter storms can be.

How Bradford Cross Plans to Save the Media Industry

The web continues to disrupt the media business, both in terms of distribution and monetization, and publishers are desperately trying paywalls, iPad apps and anything else they can think of to cope. Bradford Cross wants to help change all that with his new startup, Woven.

How Social Networks and Mobile Tech Helped in Haiti

A study that looked at the use of social media, text messaging, interactive maps and other online tools during the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake says they helped co-ordinate rescue efforts and aid, but that more work needs to be done to make them fully effective.

DoJ Subpoena Proves Twitter’s Value — and Its Weakness

The US government’s move to order Twitter to disclose information about users involved with WikiLeaks confirms the network’s status as a real-time information network, but also makes it obvious how much we have come to rely on it, and the implications of that dependence.

Memo to Newspapers: Stop Thinking Like a Portal

The story of homeless radio announcer Ted Williams became an Internet sensation this week. But the video that started it all is no longer available on YouTube, in yet another example of a newspaper that can’t see the forest for the dead trees.

If an App Is Your Content Strategy, You Are Doomed

The enthusiasm iPad users had for magazine apps seems to be waning, according to some recent numbers that show sales of many apps slipping. Hopefully some publishers are starting to realize that simply having an iPad app doesn’t qualify as a digital content strategy.