Apple Slips, HP Climbs in Green Gadget Ranking

Greenpeace has been a thorn in the side of the consumer electronics industry with its Guide to Greener Electronics for years. The latest edition shows shuffling in the ranks of top companies as they launch new products and sail past deadlines for eliminating hazardous substances.

Next Frontier: Carbon Emissions … From Space!

Space tourism might sound like a vacation that’s well, out of this world, but making trips to the great beyond (in hopes, perhaps, of nabbing that Foursquare badge from astronaut Douglas Wheelock) will come at a heavy price for the climate.

Still More Victims Caught in Apple’s Wake

It’s inevitable. Each Apple event changes the industry: sometimes for the better; other times, well, depends on who you ask. The latest Apple event may not be as obvious a game changer as others this past year, but its effects will be felt nonetheless.

IBM, HP Offer Clear Paths to the Cloud

Need consulting for your cloud efforts? IBM and HP will hook you up with a flurry of new services and training programs. IBM is targeting cloud security, while HP is offering converged infrastructure training and certification.

VMware’s Q3: Has Growth Really Peaked?

The talk around the web today is about how, despite huge revenue and income gains in the third quarter, VMware cannot sustain this type of growth. Such analysis, however, ignores several realities regarding the state of cloud computing and VMware’s place in the market.

Is EMC the Next Step in Oracle’s Journey to $100B?

This past week, the rumor that Oracle might make a bid to buy EMC drew strong reactions, due to the acquisition’s outlandish nature and monetary mismatch. But Oracle will need to more than triple its revenue to reach its $100 billion target, so anything is possible.

Oct. 12: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Europe is experiencing a case of VMworld. The big news: VMware announced a self-service portal for vCenter Director, and CSC is integrating vFabric into its Trusted Cloud offering. Elsewhere, it’s good news for the IT heavyweights, as Oracle and IBM unite on Java, and Intel improves its revenue.

Roundup: Financial Management Apps for iPad

One of the top reasons people buy an iPad probably isn’t to balance a checkbook, but doing anything on a desktop is so 2009. However, few native financial iPad apps exist. Fear not though, we’ve combed the pool to find the best.

NoSQL Startup NorthScale Becomes Membase Inc.

Say goodbye to NorthScale. The NoSQL startup has officially changed its name to Membase Inc. to establish a tighter connection between the company’s moniker and its flagship product, Membase Server. The name change occurred with the general availability of Membase Server.

Glass Backing Next iPhone 4 Controversy?

In a provocative essay, Ryan Block at gdgt asserts Apple is aware that the glass backing of the iPhone 4 is “another design flaw.” The problem seems to be that the glass back is easily scratched in certain circumstances. Even if true, this is hardly “Antennagate.”