icloud Adds Mobile Access

icloud, a “web operating system” with a growing selection of apps that can be included in a customizable virtual workspace, is now offering mobile apps for iOS and Android that include access to files, document viewing, and uploading of photos, along with an updated mobile website.

Twitter, Facebook & The Coming Global 3G Boom

This weekend Verizon Wireless, one of world’s largest carriers will turn on its next generation wireless broadband network. That is fun, but one has to remember that only 14% of global mobile subscribers use 3G. As more sign-on, their impact on the web will be huge.

How to Reach Mobile Shoppers This Holiday Season

Mobile will play a bigger role than ever during the U.S. holiday season, according to IDC. It’s crucial then, that retailers tackle a few key challenges — from building a mobile site to understanding location-based services and rewards — to effectively target consumers on their phones.

Who’s Going to Win the LTE Race?

The 2G wireless hardware market was dominated by Motorola, Ericsson & Nokia, collectively called M.E.N. Then came 3G and along with it Nortel and Lucent. With LTE wireless broadband on the horizon who is going to dominate the next generation hardware business? Find out.

Asia Pacific Will Have 120 Million LTE Connections in 2015

There will be nearly 120 million LTE connections in the Asia Pacific region, driven by four major markets: China, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. The race begins with the December 2010 launch of Xi, a new LTE service from Japanese mobile giant, NTT DoCoMo.

Key Questions for Live-Stream Content Providers

The live-stream video market is entering an upturn in the typical hockey stick growth chart. Viewership will more than double by 2014, and as the market grows, it will support both content providers with a diverse, one-stop-shop approach and those with more specialized content and audiences.

Cutting the Cord With Sprint TV [on Video]

As our new Cord Cutters feature makes clear, many folks are trying to ditch expensive paid TV in favor of alternatives that give users more control over what they watch. Sprint smartphone owners have the free Sprint TV service, as shown in this video.

Stop Firesheep With FireShepherd

The recent appearance of the Firesheep plugin for Firefox has raised concerns over the lack of security for browsing sessions that are conducted at public hotspots, so the release of Fireshepherd to stop digital eavesdropper is welcome news. Hotspot sessions are more vulnerable than many realize.

FCC Fines Verizon $25M for Mystery Fees

The FCC proved it does indeed have consumer’s backs by handing out a $25 million fine to Verizon for charging its customers spurious fees over a period of years. The fine was the result of a 10-month investigation into the carrier’s billing practices.

Mobile Health Apps Are on the Rise

Mobile health examines the behavioral changes that occur as new technologies advance our health care system worldwide. Quite often, these changes are due to an increasing proliferation of mobile health apps, from fitness and nutrition trackers to those that use social networking as a motivating force.