T-Mobile to drop subsidies as it adds the iPhone

T-Mobile USA said it will carry the iPhone beginning next year, addressing a long-time shortcoming vs. its bigger counterparts. But its move to drop handset subsidies could be a truly disruptive force in the industry.

Will China Mobile really support the iPhone?

China’s biggest mobile network operator said today that technology isn’t the only thing preventing it from carrying the iPhone, and new reports indicate the carrier is developing its own handsets. Those two developments are bad news for Apple, which has struggled in the world’s most promising mobile market.

Why the iPad is doing just fine — for now

Fresh data indicates Apple’s share of the tablet market may be slipping, which was bound to happen given its limited product lineup. But the company may eventually face a bigger challenge in the tablet market than in smartphones.

Mobile shopping is up, but site performance? Not so much

Mobile shopping played a big role in the increase in online sales on Cyber Monday, but many mobile sites couldn’t handle the spike in traffic. Apps are one solution for retailers, but their top priority should be to build effective mobile sites.

Why RIM still has a chance

Research In Motion’s market share continues to dwindle and the company will almost surely post another quarterly loss in December. But there are reasons to believe the onetime king of the mobile enterprise can turn things around with BlackBerry 10.

Yet another reminder of the pitfalls of mobile marketing

Papa John’s is facing a class action lawsuit after allegedly sending out hundreds of thousands of unwanted text messages. The news illustrates the dangers that mobile marketing poses for advertisers who don’t respect their customers.

How well can Apple capitalize in China?

Apple’s biggest challenges in the exploding Chinese mobile market are the launch of the iPhone 5 and securing a deal with the country’s biggest carrier. But the iPhone faces several other big hurdles in China as well.

The Battle for the Books: the latest from GigaOM Books

We’re excited to announce the latest release from GigaOM Books, the ebook imprint that we created earlier this year. The Battle for the Books: Inside Google’s Gambit to Create the World’s Biggest Library details the development of the ambitious and contentious Google Books project.

Hey, retailers: Be ready for mobile shoppers this holiday season

New data from Harris Interactive finds that 28 percent of tablet or smartphone owners will use their devices to shop on Thanksgiving Day. So retailers who don’t maintain a mobile-friendly website — if not full-fledged smartphone apps — risk losing a sizable portion of the consumer market.

Dish + Google = What, exactly?

Dish Network and Google are planning to build a wireless network and launch service in the second half of 2013, according to multiple reports. While the two may never achieve the size or scale of tier-one carriers, they could still be a very disruptive force.