HP Mini 1103 Enterprise-Class Netbook for $299

The netbook is not dead if HP’s release of the Mini 1103 is an indication. The Mini 1103 is a netbook aimed at the enterprise, and starts at the low price of $299. The 10.1-inch netbook has the ability to run applications without booting up Windows.

Dell Notebooks on Sprint with Integrated 3G/4G

Sprint continues to promote its growing 4G network through the offer of two Dell notebooks that have integrated 3G and 4G connectivity. The notebooks include the 10-inch Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook and the 11.6-inch Inspiron 11z Notebook. The netbook is free with a 2-year data plan.

Stat Shot: Mobile Computing Has Won

Mobile computers will chip away at the desktop PC market according to research, led by notebooks that will be shipping 291 million units by 2014. The mobile segment — notebooks, netbooks and tablets combined — will ship over 400 million units in that same year.

Video: HP Mini 5103- Dual-Core Atom Inside

The HP Mini 5103 is the newest member of HP’s netbook product line aimed at the enterprise. The brushed aluminum casing, full-sized keyboard and long battery life is much like the previous model, with one notable improvement. This video shows the small Mini from all angles.

Samsung: DRAM Glut Coming Due to Weak PC Sales

Samsung is predicting an oversupply of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) used in computers due to expected weak PC sales. The uncertain economic climate is cited as the primary cause for lower than expected PC sales in spite of the upcoming holiday season.

HP Mini 5103 Review: Dual-Core Atom & Touch

The HP Mini 5103 is the next generation of netbook with the Atom dual-core processor and touch screen. It is aimed at the enterprise with metal construction for durability, but consumers may find it a good fit for their needs, too.

Intel Canoe Lake Netbook — Super Thin

This year’s Computex show was a sprawling display of mobile technology coming down the pike. Intel laid out its upcoming mobile processors, Oak Trail and Canoe Lake. One of the coolest notebooks on display at this year’s show was the Intel Canoe Lake reference design.

Intel’s New Mobile Chips; MeeGo for Tablets

We expected tablets to be the focus at the Computex show in Taipei and we have not been disappointed. Many computer makers are already showing prototype tablets at the show, and Intel is launching new processors to power these slates. Microsoft is now officially sucking wind.

MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks Released

It wasn’t that long ago that Moblin and Maemo joined forces to form the MeeGo variant of Linux for mobile devices. In a rush to release, MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks is available as a free download for those of you who like to play with alternate OSes.

Netbook Dilemma: Price or Performance?

The netbook is a great mobile computer, but that cheap price is at the cost of performance. With the appearance of “tweener” notebooks that are almost as cheap as netbooks yet have more capable hardware, is the future of the netbook in jeopardy?