Apple Personalizes Troubleshooting With Support Profiles

Earlier this year, Apple launched Express Lane, a support site designed to help consumers diagnose problems with Apple products through category selection. Now, Apple has taken the idea of customized help a step further with the My Support Profile website.

Strong Holiday Quarter Sales Estimates for Apple

Apple is expected to report very strong results at its quarterly conference call Jan. 18. Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore raised his initial estimates for Apple’s product sales during the company’s first quarter of its financial year, which includes December, based on retail channel checks.

Apple TV to Break 1M Mark: It Should Thank Netflix

The new Apple TV should hit the the 1 million sold mark later this week Apple said today. The success of the device in its second iteration is likely a result of its lower price and the inclusion of streaming partners such as Netflix.

Earthquakes, Bieber and iPads: Apple’s Year in Web Trends

The three biggest names in global web trends – Google, Facebook and Twitter – have released their top ten lists for 2010. In lists filled with global recession worries and natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Justin Bieber) it says a lot that Apple is still popping up everywhere.

And Here Come the 2011 Crunchies

The Crunchies, the annual awards celebrating innovation and new technology, are back. Once again, GigaOM will be working with TechCrunch and VentureBeat on the fourth edition of the popular awards. Submit your nominations through Dec. 24.

iPad Closes on Kindle, Google Looms Over Both

According to a ChangeWave survey, the iPad is about to surpass the Kindle as the favorite among consumers buying e-readers, and the just-announced Google Editions bookstore may help accelerate that trend. Regardless of the outcome of the Amazon/Google battle, Apple looks to reap the rewards.

Apple Set for Record Holiday Quarter

Last quarter was one for the record books for Apple: $20 billion in revenue, 14.1 million iPhones sold, 3.89 million Macs, and 4.19 million iPads, but that record may be broken as soon as the end of this quarter, according to estimates.

Motives Behind Apple’s Wi-Gear Bluetooth Acquisition [Updated]

Apple has acquired Bluetooth headphone maker Wi-Gear. The purchase could result in new Bluetooth headsets for use with iOS devices and Mac computers, but what’s more interesting is what it says about Apple’s acquisition strategy and the future of accessory makers working in its ecosystem.

Many Potential iPhone Users Settling for Android

According to research from, the iPhone is causing cases of mobile device envy in almost a third of Android owners surveyed. That’s a lot of users toting around a second-choice smartphone, considering Android’s growing user base. How can Apple capitalize?

Flash: Sucking the Life Out of Your MacBook Air Battery

Steve Jobs has repeatedly insisted that Flash is a resource-hog. A review of the 11-inch MacBook Air conducted by Ars Technica shows he’s quite right. The new Air shows a drop in battery life with Flash installed, at a cost of around two hours of use.