Apple to Stop Selling the Xserve Jan. 31 [Updated]

As Liam argued yesterday, Apple is aiming for the consumer market these days, which is why it should come as no surprise that it would discontinue its Xserve enterprise server. The rack-mountable Xserve will no longer be available as of Jan. 31.

iTunes Song Previews to Triple in Length to 90 Seconds

In a recent email to music labels and providers, Apple announced that previews will be soon tripled in length. Song previews for tracks over 2:30 will now be 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds in the iTunes Store. Reaction to the change appears to be mixed.

Suit Claims Apple Knew About iPhone 3G Issues With iOS 4

A new class action suit accuses Apple of intentionally hamstringing the iPhone 3G with iOS 4 to boost iPhone 4 sales. The update seriously affected performance on the 3G, making it sluggish and unreliable. iOS 4.1 helped alleviate the problem, but didn’t fix it.

Survey: Apple’s iPad Still Has Huge Demand Advantage

A new ChangeWave survey proves what many suspected: The iPad is contributing to a serious decline in the demand for netbooks. Not only that, but it’s also the tablet device most likely to be on customers’ wish lists going into the holiday season.

The Mac mini Gets an International Price Cut

Early this morning, Apple lowered the price of the Mac mini in many international stores. points out that prices seem to have changed in all stores except the U.S. one, but that’s not entirely accurate, since in Australia and Canada they remain the same.

iPhone 5 Could Use NFC to Turn Any Mac Into Your Mac

The next iPhone could take advantage of Near Field Communication to allow you to take your preferences, files and even applications from your Mac and use them on other Apple computers. The inclusion of NFC tech could make having Macs on premises a priority for businesses.

Mac Market Share Up in U.S., Down Worldwide: iOS to Blame?

According to the October report from Net Applications, the Mac remains mainly an American platform. Mac market share in the U.S. has been steadily climbing, rising in recent months from 11.2 percent in August to 11.4 percent in October. Globally, though, there’s a different story.

Apple Fights Back in Motorola Legal Battle

Apple has filed suit against Motorola, claiming the Droid-maker infringed on patents held by Apple relating to smartphone technologies. It’s a return fire gesture by Cupertino, since Motorola filed suit first against Apple last month, claiming it had violated 18 patents.

VLC on Thin Ice at the App Store?

VLC Developer Rémi Denis-Courmont recently sent Apple “a formal notice of copyright infringement” concerning the VLC Media Player iOS application. The app’s distribution in the App Store is in violation of the terms and conditions of its General Public License, and it may be pulled soon.

Apple Moves Into Fourth in Global Mobile Phone Sales

Jumping past Research in Motion, Apple has entered the top five in global mobile phone sales, trailing only Nokia, Samsung, and LG. Number four may not count for much in the realm of professional sports, but it means a lot in the technology business.