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Apple Entering the Blogging Business?

It looks as if Apple might finally be entering the blogosphere. Apple has set up what it is calling a “student weblog”. Their plan is to feature new bloggers every month. Oddly enough though, the only blogger as of this posting is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado, who is now working for Apple.

The iPod Isn’t Budging Anytime Soon

According to Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf, it is expected that Apple will sell 13.3 million iPods in 2005, 23.5 million in 2006 and that more than 100 million Windows users will own iPods by 2008.
100 million Windows users eh? As much as Windows users bash Apple, they can’t deny how stinkin’ cool Apple products are.

Apple Opens Store In London

Looks like Apple is officially taking over the world. They’ve just opened their largest store to date in London. Literally thousands of people showed up for the grand opening with many of them braving the bitter cold weather.
The checkout counter in the new London Apple Store.
Kids Play Area
A fun place to drop the kids off while you blow all your money.
Sleeping Bags
People patiently awaiting the grand opening of the store.

Welcome, welcome, welcome…

So basically first posts are awkward. You and I both know that. So let’s go ahead and face facts here and sit in awkward silence until the next post is made.