Page As CEO. Is That What Google Really Needs?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down to become executive chairman of the web giant, and Larry Page is taking back the chief executive position he had until Schmidt arrived in 2001. But does the Google co-founder have what Google needs right now?

Techmeme Confirms Twitter Is News, But What About the Noise?

Techmeme, the news aggregator that is like CNN for geeks, says individual tweets will now be highlighted on the site if they are newsworthy enough. But will this new feature give the site more news to choose from, or just more produce more noise?

Mobile Web Growth in Africa: Hotter Than the Sahara!

Opera’s latest report indicates that mobile page views are up more than 4,900 percent in Sudan, while growth in mobile web users has risen 1,179 percent in Zimbabwe. If I were a mobile web service provider, I’d pack for a safari quickly head to Africa.

Carriers’ Dysfunctional Relationship With Apps

Carriers in several countries are providing the data used by new Facebook app for feature phones for free, while Microsoft today is investigating a third-party app for rogue downloads. Together, these stories about different apps on different platforms expose the love-hate relationship carriers have with applications.

Screencast: How to Create iPhone Ringtones for Free

One of the best things about the iPhone is how easily you can set your own custom ringtones. Creating those ringtones from music from your own library is incredibly easy, too, and doesn’t require any paid third-party software. All you need is Garage Band and iTunes.

Boxee Box Finally Gets Vudu

Boxee Box owners, the wait is over: No, you’re not getting your long-promised Netflix app quite yet. But you will finally be able to rent and purchase major Hollywood movies, in HD and 3D, thanks to the official launch of the Vudu app on Boxee.

Join GigaOM at Big Data on March 23 in New York City

From financial services to media, companies are collecting mountains of data. This glut of information is rapidly accelerating. How can companies get an edge on product innovation, sales, and market growth by implementing a Big Data strategy? Learn more…

Netflix King of Online TV, but Hulu Plus Is Catching Up

Netfix is the primary reason for people to watch online video on their TV set, be it through a connected device, or simply by connecting their computer to the TV. 70 percent of online video viewers watch Netflix this way, according to a new survey.

Vid-Biz: MTV’s Skins, Boxee, RealPlayer for Android

Today on the Internet: MTV discusses its social media strategy for the show Skins; Boxee considers subsidized deals to compete with Apple; and a new upgrade of RealPlayer for Android comes out, based on user feedback.

Apple Conference Call: 6 Things You Should Know

Unlike last quarter, today’s conference call did not include a cameo by iconic CEO Steve Jobs, who announced a leave on absence on Monday. In fact, his name didn’t even come up, and that’s one of five things Apple watchers should know about today’s call.