New MacBook Air Unboxing Video

Apple unveiled the two new MacBook Air models today and that 11-inch model is calling my name. GigaOM has a 13-inch model in our HQ, those lucky devils. Janko Roettgers unboxed this beauty, and the video of the new notebook shows how nice it is.

Dell Notebooks on Sprint with Integrated 3G/4G

Sprint continues to promote its growing 4G network through the offer of two Dell notebooks that have integrated 3G and 4G connectivity. The notebooks include the 10-inch Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook and the 11.6-inch Inspiron 11z Notebook. The netbook is free with a 2-year data plan.

Review: Parallels Desktop 6 for the Mobile Professional

The days of major Windows/Mac compatibility issues have waned, but for the mobile professional they have not completely receded into memory. Whatever your reasons for needing access to Windows, the newly released Parallels Desktop 6 may be just what you need.

Power Brick Meets USB Hub: From Lenovo

Road warriors will soon be cheering world-wide as word spreads about the new Lenovo Power Hub. This product is so simple that it’s amazing no one has produced one before now. Take a power brick and add four USB ports to it without making it bigger.

Stat Shot: Mobile Computing Has Won

Mobile computers will chip away at the desktop PC market according to research, led by notebooks that will be shipping 291 million units by 2014. The mobile segment — notebooks, netbooks and tablets combined — will ship over 400 million units in that same year.

Samsung: DRAM Glut Coming Due to Weak PC Sales

Samsung is predicting an oversupply of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) used in computers due to expected weak PC sales. The uncertain economic climate is cited as the primary cause for lower than expected PC sales in spite of the upcoming holiday season.

HP Fall Line-up Announced: Dual-Core Netbook Included

HP has introduced its fall line-up with five notebooks and the new HP Wireless TV Connect unit for wirelessly connecting a notebook to HD televisions. The notebooks include two new Envy models (one with 3-D), the Pavilion dm3 and two new netbooks.

Bye Bye Boingo? iPad is not a Smartphone

Boingo is a service that can be indispensable for those who have a mobile lifestyle. I frequently work mobile, so the $10/monthly fee is money well spent. A recent trip demonstrated an alternate method to connect to the web, and that has me considering dropping Boingo.

Acer TimelineX Notebooks: Fast CPUs, All Day Battery

Consumers want notebooks with high performance and good battery life. Acer has released a new line of notebooks that attempts to deliver good performance while providing 8 hours of battery life. The TimelineX series of notebooks comes in four sizes to appeal to a broad audience.

Toshiba Resurrects Libretto — Dual Screen Version

Toshiba is resurrecting the Libretto for its 25th anniversary, in a dual screen model that lacks a physical keyboard. Libretto W100 is only a prototype, but will be sold in limited numbers to enthusiasts wanting to see “what the future of mobile computing” could be.