For Tech Companies, M&A Provides Quick Exits

Unlike the technology IPO market, the mergers & acquisitions market continues to be on an upswing. PriceWaterhouseCoopers says that during the second quarter of 2010 there were 36 technology transactions worth $11.37 billion, versus the first quarter of 2010 when 34 deals totaled $18.96 billion.

Memo to Media Cos.: Disruption? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

The media and entertainment industries have been through an unprecedented upheaval over the past several years, as consumers have moved their attention online and advertisers have followed, disrupting traditional business models. Now a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts even greater turmoil over the next five years.

UPDATED: By the Numbers: Facebook vs. Zynga

Facebook and Zynga, two of the largest social web companies and longtime business partners, recently had a falling out. But they’ve realized that they can’t live without each other and made up earlier this week. Here’s a GigaOM graphic showing their codependency.

World Bank Opens Up Its Data, Removes Pay Walls

The World Bank, which tracks everything from mortality rates to livestock production in hundreds of countries around the globe, said today it is opening up its data, including removing all of the pay walls around data that used to require a subscription fee to download.

Mozilla Says Firefox Still Has 30% Market Share

In its first-ever State of the Internet report, the Mozilla Foundation says that the Firefox browser has close to a 30 percent share of the browser market around the world, with usage growing most strongly in Russia. Firefox has been under increasing pressure from Google’s Chrome.

Facebook Driving More Traffic Than Google

Analysis from Compete shows that Facebook is driving more traffic to major portal sites than Google, and has become a top source for other web sites as well, another sign of how important the social web is becoming in terms of Internet traffic flows.

Psst: Want a Fast, Up-to-Date Browser for Your Old PowerPC Mac?

Still running a PowerPC Mac (s aapl) and hurting for some serious browser speed, up-to-date security and web standards compatibility? Being open-source applications, Mozilla’s web browsers and Thunderbird email client are open to being breathed on by third-party developers, several of whom specialize in optimization of particular versions of the Mac OS — such as Chris Latko’s Mac Intel-optimized (s intc) variants of Firefox.

Terrific Results

However, for us PowerPC holdouts, a reader recently tipped me to some PowerPC-optimized Mozilla web browsers plus Thunderbird by R.P. Mozely, noting that he’s been getting terrific results and highly recommends these tweaked apps.

That sounded promising, as I’m still using two G4-upgraded Pismo PowerBooks for production work, and haven’t found the latest Mozilla gecko-based browsers to be particularly happy campers on the old laptops running OS 10.4 .11. So I keep reverting to old Netscape Navigator 9, which works nicely, but is getting long in the tooth, beginning to encounter some limitations content-compatibility wise. Of course it hasn’t had any security updates for nearly two years, since development was terminated. Read More about Psst: Want a Fast, Up-to-Date Browser for Your Old PowerPC Mac?

Facebook Pokes Users Through App Stores

Facebook’s mobile app ranks among the top 10 downloaded in every major OS-specific app store in the U.S., according to new data from Distimo. It’s just the latest evidence that the social networking site has quickly become a massive player in mobile.