Hug Energy Shuts Down Citing Weak Interest From Investors

Hug Energy, which had developed an application for computer energy management, is shutting down. CEO Marcus Tallhamn made the announcement in a blog post and an email to users, citing weak investor interest. It’s a sign of how crowded the energy management space has gotten.

YouTube Revenues More Than Doubled in 2010

While YouTube wasn’t a big topic of discussion during Google’s fourth quarter earnings call, CFO Patrick Pichette let slip that revenues grew at the online video site more than doubled in 2010. There’s still no word on whether or not YouTube is profitable, though.

Feds Promise $571 Million in Biofuel Loan Guarantees

Biofuel production nationwide has been woefully behind schedule as would-be producers struggle to just get their first commercial plants rolling. The U.S. government wants to help and on Thursday announced loan guarantee commitments totaling $571 million for Coskata, Enerkem, and a JV from Valero.

Apple Putting the Screws on Users to Upgrade?

Apple may be trying to make it harder for users to repair or upgrade their own hardware, according to iFixit. New iPhones and recent MacBook Pro and Air models are shipping with a new kind of non-standard anti-tampering screw securing their outside and battery cases.

Your Future Samsung Phone Might Use a Color E-Ink Screen

Samsung has acquired Liquavista, a display company that uses an electrowetting technology for color screens. The process uses electrical charges to move colored oil and can use reflective sunlight to consume less power. With refresh rates at 60 frames per second, could smartphones use these displays?

After Missing Its Shot at Netflix, Amazon Buys Lovefilm

Amazon had long been rumored to want to buy Netflix. Instead, it bought the next best thing: Lovefilm. Regarded as the European version of Netflix, Lovefilm operates a DVD-by-mail and subscription streaming business. But will Amazon go head-to-head with Netflix in the U.S.?

Law Pivot Gets New Tool, More Funding to Crowdsource the Law

Silicon Valley startup Law Pivot is introducing a new recommendation feature for its Quora-like Q&A services that aims to democratize access to quality legal advice. Even before today’s news, though, Law Pivot has defied the odds by gaining traction in a notoriously technology-resistant profession.

Kongregate Exile Raises Questions About the Android Market

Flash gaming site Kongrate launched the free Kongregate Arcade app earlier today in Android Market, only to have it yanked after Google reportedly said it violated the Market’s non-compete rules in the terms of service. The rejection, if upheld, raises questions about Android’s celebrated openness.

X7 Cancelled: Nokia Needs AT&T More Than AT&T Needs Nokia

Launch rumors of the Nokia X7, a new Symbian smartphone, appear to be squashed as the phone will reportedly not be available on AT&T next month. Without carrier support for subsidies and marketing, the odds of Nokia gaining a foothold in the U.S. continue to decrease.