YouTube Revenues More Than Doubled in 2010

While YouTube wasn’t a big topic of discussion during Google’s fourth quarter earnings call, CFO Patrick Pichette let slip that revenues grew at the online video site more than doubled in 2010. There’s still no word on whether or not YouTube is profitable, though.

What iJustine’s New GTTV Gig Means for YouTube

Justine Ezarik is joining the cast of Spike TV’s rebranded Game Trailers TV on Jan. 27, but don’t worry, iJustine fans — the YouTube star will still be keeping up with her independent video work, even while covering tablets and TVs for the show’s fourth season.

Law Pivot Gets New Tool, More Funding to Crowdsource the Law

Silicon Valley startup Law Pivot is introducing a new recommendation feature for its Quora-like Q&A services that aims to democratize access to quality legal advice. Even before today’s news, though, Law Pivot has defied the odds by gaining traction in a notoriously technology-resistant profession.

Hulu Wants to Know If You’re a Cord Cutter

Are you watching all your TV via Hulu and Netflix? Do you pay for satellite TV or cable, or do you just receive free over the air broadcasts? Those are the questions Hulu is currently asking its users. It’s all about the ads, says the company.

New York City Asks for Ideas With Internal Crowdsourcing Effort

New York City has launched a “crowdsourcing” effort aimed at getting ideas from city employees to help the city function more efficiently. The program, called Simplicity, is being powered by Spigit, which makes a software platform that companies and governments can use to crowdsource ideas.

The Truth Behind HTML5’s New Logo Fiasco

The controversial decision by the World Wide Web Consortium to create a new — and potentially confusing — brand identity for HTML5 doesn’t tell us much about the future of technology, but it does expose the weaknesses that motivate the web’s ruling body.

New Series The Morning After Nudges Hulu Into Production

Hulu has become a major destination site for television fans since its launch, serving up both primetime and original content. But this week, it gets the closest it’s ever gotten to crossing the line between content production and content distribution with a new web original series. Keeps Track of the Links You Share Online is a bookmarking app with a twist: It automatically gathers all the links you share online and makes them available via a searchable web interface. It can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and Pinboard via built-in connectors, and other services through RSS feeds.

Facebook Suspends New Address and Phone Sharing Feature

Just three days after introducing a new feature that allows users to share their mobile phone number and address with applications and third-party websites, Facebook said late last night that it is suspending the change as it works to clarify the permission process.

Cheezburger Network Gets $30M for More LOLcats and Failpics

Cheezburger — the blog network that brought you I Can Has Cheezburger, the Fail blog and many other similar humor-oriented sites — today announced that it has closed a $30-million round of funding from a group of venture capital firms including Foundry Group and SoftBank Capital.