Will Apple merge the MacBook Pro and Air lineups?

It’s been rumored before, but on Wednesday a new report is saying that not only will Apple introduce a 15-inch MacBook Air next month, it will replace the 15-inch MacBook Pro, “effectively killing the Pro for the average consumer.”

How to get a new iPad on Friday

Forget to preorder a new iPad early? If you must have one on the first day they’re available, you can always line up outside an Apple Store. Apple announced Wednesday its stores will open at 8 a.m. local time to sell the new iPad starting Friday.

Flow Platform aims to hook up real-time data streams

Flow Corp. says its new platform-as-a-service will help companies ingest and aggregate multiple data streams, filter them and deliver the right data to the right people or applications in real time. That all sounds great, but it’s a very tall order.

The story of how Bill Gates discovered (& backed) a battery startup

Investors and entrepreneurs don’t always connect via the standard VC pitch. According to Phil Giudice, the CEO of a battery startup called Liquid Metal Battery, his company found their most high profile investor, Bill Gates, through a more unusual way: the classroom.

Pivotal Labs is said to have been sold

Pivotal Labs, one of the smartest Web teams, known for its pioneering work in agile development, is in talks to be acquired, we have learned. The news will come sometime later this month. And we are still trying to pin down the buyer’s name.

Here’s why the PC will still be around in the “post-PC” era

In two years’ time, your personal cloud will replace your PC as your go-to computing resource, according to Gartner research. The prevailing wisdom is that the desktop and laptop PC — or any non-smartphone, non-tablet device — is headed for the dustbin of history.

Can iPads make MRI patients less claustrophobic?

The folks at GE and PDC are integrating Apple’s iPad into a new medical product called the MR Suite as a way to bring a sense of control and calm to the experience of getting an MRI.

Here comes a hot new chip for Internet of things

ARM, the semiconductor company whose chip technology powers most modern smartphones, has come up with a chip for the Internet of things. It is an energy-efficient chip technology that is optimized for use in everything from connected lighting to power controls to other home appliances.

1 in 3 smartphones sold in Q4 had 4G connectivity

Aided by the launch of the iPhone 4S, the number of U.S. smartphones embedded with mobile broadband connectivity jumped in 2011, increasing from 6 percent of at the end of 2010 to 35 percent by the close of the year, according to the NPD Group.

Survey: most tablet shopping IT buyers will go with iPad

Apple’s iPad has the almost undivided attention of corporate IT departments right now. According to a ChangeWave Research survey of 1,604 business IT buyers, they are interested in little else. Of those planning to buy tablets, 84 percent will choose the iPad in the next quarter.