Flipboard: Future is HTML5, RSS & New New Advertising

Mike McCue, the founder of Palo Alto, Calif.-based mobile media company, Flipboard, seems to have figured out a business model for his 20-person company. It revolves around a new kind of ad network, embracing RSS and betting that HTML5 is going to define its future.

In Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins Looks to the Future

Mary Meeker, the Queen of the Net is coming home, joining? Klenier Perkins Caufield Byers. In hiring her, KPCB is taking yet another step away from cleantech and back to the world of Internet investments. A workaholic, Meeker is what KPCB really needs.

Satish Dharmaraj: Forecasting the Cloud [video]

Is hardware dead? Has the energy gone out of the SaaS market? How has Amazon impacted the economics of it all? Find out in our sit-down interview with Satish Dharmaraj, co-founder of email startup Zimbra, who’s now a partner at Redpoint Ventures.

How the iPad & Smartphones Change Corporate Networks

Dell’Oro Group estimates that the enterprise WLAN technology market will grow from $2.2 billion in 2010 to $3.4 billion in 2014. A lot of that demand is coming, thanks to smartphones and the iPads, according to Dominic Orr, CEO of gear maker, Aruba Networks.

Who’s Going to Win the LTE Race?

The 2G wireless hardware market was dominated by Motorola, Ericsson & Nokia, collectively called M.E.N. Then came 3G and along with it Nortel and Lucent. With LTE wireless broadband on the horizon who is going to dominate the next generation hardware business? Find out.

Why Apple Should Buy Nuance

Earlier today, the web lit up with rumors that Apple was buying Nuance, which sent the Nuance stock soaring. Forget the rumors; there are some good reasons why Apple should buy Nuance, even if it costs a pretty penny, especially as it competes with Google’s Android.

8Tracks Rolls Playlists of the Stars

8tracks, a New York-based startup, has teamed up with Rolling Stone magazine. They are featuring some awesome playlists created by the likes of Annie Lennox, Bono and hip-hop artist, Cee Lo. This is exactly the kind of creative thinking/partnership established brands need.

Do The Math: How Big Will Spotify’s Revenues Be In 2010?

Today, a music industry website revealed some startling financial about red-hot music service, Spotify. Using that and some other publicly available information, we have put together a revenue model that shows the company is having a spectacular 2010, at least from a revenue perspective.

20 Reasons Not to Start an Email Startup

Facebook’s much-anticipated announcement of its Social Inbox and acquisition of Zenbe, a mail-related startup, has directed a lot of attention to startups dedicated to reshaping the email landscape. But former Xoopit CEO Bijan Marashi warns that that goal may be too lofty for a startup.

Why Gravity’s Interest Graph Effort is Un-Interesting

Gravity, a Los Angeles-based startup, says it’s developing an "interest graph" that will let it recommend content to users based on their preferences, but the initial offering from the company — a service called Twinterests, which pulls your interests from your Twitter feed — is unimpressive.