Notebooks vs. Netbooks: Can You Tell the Difference?

Netbooks, as they were originally envisioned, may already be a dying breed. It’s all thanks to the PC industry, which, instead of innovating on what seemed like a promising form factor, has turned it into the all-too familiar notebook, except cheaper. The problem with PC makers is that they’re not terribly creative; they typically don’t invest a lot of money on innovation. And why should they? After all, they’re no different than makers of household detergents, earning pennies on the dollars. So they do one of three things: Read More about Notebooks vs. Netbooks: Can You Tell the Difference?

3 Reasons Why I Love Larry the Oracle

45465143_5f8704c2d3_mIf you follow me on Twitter, then you know I am less than thrilled by the chaos created by LarryStock, aka Oracle OpenWorld, in San Francisco each year. The annual conference causes traffic jams and attracts enormous crowds that collectively jam up everything here in the city’s SOMA neighborhood. Add in those ghastly Oracle OpenWorld buses and what you have is almost madness. That said, there are many upsides to the event, with Larry’s politically incorrect keynotes leading the list. He didn’t disappoint this year and last night he dropped some choice ones, focusing his ire on IBM, the company he loves to hate. Here are three of my favorites: Read More about 3 Reasons Why I Love Larry the Oracle

Apple-vs.-Google Chronicles: The Fall 2009 Edition

arthur-levinson.jpgArthur Levinson, former CEO and chairman of Genentech (s dna), has resigned from the Google (s GOOG) board. He is going to remain on the Apple (s AAPL) board, however. Levinson, Apple and Google had been under fire for the presence of Levinson on the boards of both companies. His resignation is part of the ongoing (and rapidly escalating) feud between the two companies as they battle over the opportunities opened up by the mobile Internet. From what I’ve learned from my sources, there is a deep distrust of Google inside Apple, one that extends beyond the upper echelons of the company. I bet we’ll see more sniping between these two companies.