Introducing OneNote Mobile

On a recent MobileTechRoundup podcast Dave, Kevin and I were discussing the OneNote Mobile rumors coming with the next version of OneNote and it looks like the existence is confirmed. Chris Pratley blogs today about the upcoming OneNote Mobile which provides complete synchronization between OneNote and Windows Mobile devices at last. The program is installed on the Windows Mobile smartphone and is a complete OneNote compatible notetaking program complete with note flags and everything. Chris points out that if you are on the Office 12 beta program the OneNote Mobile program is included for installation, it just doesn’t sync with desktop OneNote as the release version will. I have to say it, the OneNote team is absolutely blowing me away with all the new features and next year cannot roll around fast enough for me. Take a look at the image on Chris’ blog and see firsthand how the new OneNote searches text within photos. Incredible.

Slide For Mac, Almost Ready

This past week I had a chance to visit with Max Levchin, the co-founder and former chief technology officer of PayPal, at the new offices of his latest start-up, photo sharing service Slide. Unlike Flickr or other photo services like C/Net’s WebShots, Slide requires a software download. The company makes a piece of downloadable software that indexes all photographs on your hard drive, and then allows you to share them with groups of friends and family. The shared photos slide across the screen like a live ticker on the desktops of the group members who have also downloaded the software.

So far there has been a little buzz on the company because for one simple reason – many of the bloggers are Mac users. I have argued in the past that a start-up short on cash to spend on PR efforts should try going the Mac route first, because it brings in early adopters and influencers. (John Dvorak would disagree and call the influencers biased… but then…) The Gizmo Project is a perfect example. Of their 250,000 users nearly 1/3rd are Mac users. Imeem is working on a Mac client as well.

Coming back to Slide… I did get to see an alpha version of the service for Mac, and it works nicely… much like its Windows brethren. The client will go in private beta next week, and hopefully be public within days, Levchin says. Why? Because the company has an internal policy – CEO uses the “platform” with maximum number of users, and Levchin is missing his Powerbook. Of course, we could collectively torture him and download the WinXP version. (Check out the Mac screen shot below the fold.)

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Namaste Moto

Motorola’s resurgence has moved eastwards – to India. The company is finally trying to make a strong push and capture a bigger portion of the fast growing Indian cellular market. Over pst few years, it has been such an also ran, miles behind Nokia, Samsung and LG – that it is no surprise that no one took them seriously. But things changed this week. Earlier, the company teamed up with one of the sister companies of Bharti Telecom, in an effort to get better distribution in the Indian hinterlands.

Today the company announced a series of new handsets, including world premiere of “L6”, a candy stick version of the Moto RAZR. (Sweet looking phone!) According to my reports, the demand for RAZR is so strong right now, that the phone is now commanding upwards of $300. It also set-up a manufacturing (read assembly plant) in India. This is all adding up to the main event: Motorola’s bid for upcoming upgrades of the BSNL, a state-owned network.

Bidding for this network could get fierce since Huawei is pretty much out of the process over security concerns. Ericsson is the other likely bidder for this massive build-out project. Whether it will make any money for Motorola remains to be seen. Ask Nortel, which is seemingly trying to back out of a money losing deal with the company. (Ironically, Sunil Mittal, who started Bharti Telecom, wants government to divest from BSNL and estimates it at $30 billion. Of course he wants to make this as his bid for the prime minister’s office in the near future.)

More VoIP conferences than VoIP users globally by 2007

James Enck is so sick and tired of all the VoIP conferences, that is forced to wonder aloud – if there are actually more VoIP conferences than actual users. Surely, James had his tongue firmly in cheek, but he does have a point. I must add – there are more press releases issued on VoIP than the number of users. Sigh… getting a bit of a VoIP fatigue of sorts.

OneNote features coming in the next version are hot

It is no secret I am a huge fan of OneNote– I live in the program almost all day long.  It is an incredibly powerful note-taking and organization program but as with all programs there is always room for improvement.  Microsoft Product Manager Chris Pratley has blogged about some of the features that are going in the next version and let me tell you, I can’t wait.  Every one of the features he has mentioned are a result of user suggestions to his group and it really shows.  Take a look at these new features (and these are not all that will make it in there by release time):

Multiple notebooks.  Boy oh boy can I use this.  I can envision separate notebooks for my work projects, writing projects and podcasting work.  Bring it on!

Drag and drop.  Imagine dragging pages to different sections or notebooks, dragging sections, reordering notebooks, you get the picture.

Navigation pane. Similar to the one in Outlook 12 that makes it easy to jump from one place to another.  Just last night I was lamenting the lack of a favorites bar or something similar in the current version of OneNote.  This is it.

Print to OneNote printer driver.  Text is retained behind the printed page images so they are searchable.  This is just awesome.

Instant search.  Search in OneNote that is based on Windows Desktop search technology.

Audio or video files can be searched.  Not searched as in searching for a particular recording, that would be too easy.  This is searching to find a specific point in a recording based on fuzzy logic and converting search text to phonetics.

Scanned documents are searchable.  Any image, screen shot, scanned document, digital photo of a document picture of a receipt or business card is OCRed and made searchable.  The image is retained but the OCRed text is in the search index.  This pertains also to PDFs that are printed to OneNote.  Can you visualize snapping a photo with your camera of a business card you receive and having it searchable?

These are only the new features that Chris has blogged about so far so keep an eye on his blog for many more features to be disclosed.  I am so stoked!

Oh…The Other Big Merger

In the hoopla around Skype-eBay, I almost forgot that Oracle bought Siebel Systems for $5.8 billion. Sign of the times, that I spent, most of my energies on a deal that had more ‘shock-and-awe’ element than on a deal that could well, at least puts Siebel out of its misery.

Sramana Mitra says now Larry should try and convince Marc Benioff to sell out to Oracle.”If Oracle could indeed pick up, that would give Microsoft & SAP a run for their money in CRM / Enterprise Apps,” she says. Indeed a good thought, but pigs will fly before that will happen.

Marc “The Mouth” Benioff was busy poking fun at Larry and the gang and announced something called Appexchange. An eBay for Applications? (Pssh Marc… eBay needs to buy growth these days, so maybe you should say, Firefox of Apps!) Anyway back to Larry – Benioff had this to say

> Client/Server software is being consolidated by Oracle just as mainframe software was consolidated by Computer Associates. Oracle’s strategy is simple. Instead of innovating, buy as much installed software as possible, call it all Oracle Fusion, and make sure it all uses Oracle’s database.