OneNote 2009 planner notebook available

We have long been fans of OneNote and how it is so flexible that you can do almost anything with it.  One thing that we often hear users wish for is a ready-to-use day planner for OneNote to make it as useful as those paper planners.  You can build one yourself but that requires an awful lot of work so it’s great to see that user David has done it for you.  He’s built an entire 2009 day planner in the form of a OneNote notebook and while it’s a pretty big download (13.5 MB) we think you’ll appreciate it.  Check it out and be sure and thank David!

BoinxTV: Broadcasting for the rest of us

Making simple videocasts can take time and some work utilizing a few different tools. Until now.

A little while ago, I elected to participate in a new product offering from Boinx Software, called BoinxTV. In all honesty, I had forgotten about the product until I recently received an email telling me where to download a current build and give it a try. This application is pretty comprehensive, and more importantly, it makes the process of creating and editing videocasts fun.

Getting Started

Upon initial launch of the application, you are presented with the following screen:
BoinxTV New Document WindowWhat is really nice is that Boinx has provided some pre-canned templates to easily generate the type of broadcast you would like to make. Each of the templates are fun and easily modified. Another bonus, as shown with this screenshot is that you can select the resolution for the broadcast, including HD (albeit it is a compressed version at 960×540).
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Coolest technology- OneNote audio recording synchronized with note-taking

Onenote_audio_recordingOneNote is a program that has revolutionized the way I work with its stellar note-taking features.  It is also one of the best programs for a Tablet PC (although it works well on any PC) with superb ink-handling capability.  I have taken literally thousands of pages of notes using ink on the screen of my Tablet PCs and it is hard to imagine life without OneNote.

One of the coolest features of OneNote is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time but I often hear OneNote users mention that they aren’t aware of it.  That technology is the audio recording feature of OneNote that can be used for a variety of functions.  OneNote will use a computer’s microphone to record a meeting or lecture for example and it compresses it on the fly so the audio file is not huge.  Once a recording is made OneNote puts the player controls right on the note page for easy access but this is just the start of the coolness. 

Audio recordings on a OneNote page are synchronized with the notes being entered on the note page.  This happens for typed notes and inked notes as well.  This means that in the future when you are going back over your meeting notes that if you read a note and wonder exactly what triggered it in the meeting you can hit play on the controls that appear when you hover near that particular point in your notes.  You can thus listen to the audio recording of the meeting or lecture from the EXACT POINT IN TIME that you made that note.  I have done this countless times and been able to hear right away exactly what was being discussed in the meeting that led to my note.  This is just awesome, there is no other way to describe it.  Try it and see for yourself.

MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Launches Sept. 10

Seth MacFarlane’s advertorial series, Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, is gearing up for its launch September 10. A trailer was just posted on That site also promises cast interviews and a MacFarlane blog starting September 10 as well. We’re also told exclusive content will be posted on show sponsor Burger King’s soon-to-launch YouTube channel,

Sony Pays Rocketboom 7 Figures in Distribution Deal

Rocketboom, the pioneering video show — it provided an early model for the daily release schedule, the woman-reading-quirky-news format, and set many other precedents — has been going strong, content-wise, for the last three and a half years. But in terms of signing distribution and monetization deals — something it had also pioneered early on with an eBay auction for sponsorship — the show had basically dropped off the radar. Today, though, Rocketboom creator Andrew announced the show has sold exclusive international cross-platform distribution rights to Sony Pictures Television for a seven-figure guaranteed revenue share.

Baron attributes the show’s business flounderings to being hamstrung by legal troubles (see our NewTeeVee Station story about this; original host Amanda Congdon was involved, in that she tried to file a motion to be recognized as a co-owner of Rocketboom in a lawsuit the show was fighting against Drew Baron’s father over repayment of a loan he made to the show. It went as far as the Supreme Court of New York, where she was denied (PDF). Crazy, huh?).

Baron said in an email about the deal that Rocketboom chose to go with Sony because of its multiplatform experience and resources in the entertainment business. Sony is to sell ads for the show and help with its promotion and content expansion plans. Rocketboom will now be hosted on Sony’s and distributed on the PS3, PSP, and Bravia I-Link, but it will also maintain its existing distribution deals with YouTube, TiVo and iTunes. Rocketboom the company will continue to operate independently.

Mr. T, Zombie Poetry on NTV Station Today

Zombie Poetry, today’s little gem, comes courtesy of Boing Boing, and we owe them our hearty thanks. You would think the undead wasn’t able to appreciate the finer things in life, like poetry and jazz, but even during the end times it’s possible to get in a little culture. The fact that this is actually a viral book ad doesn’t detract at all from the short’s high production values and great direction. And I’d say all that even if I weren’t a zombie enthusiast.

And Mr. T, Mr. T, wherefore art thou, Mr. T? The 80s icon’s appearance virtually guarantees viral success, but despite a number of wildly popular clips, the actor/bouncer/bodyguard’s online presence remains largely nonexistent. Why is Mr. T perfect for web audiences, and what are Internet entrepreneurs missing out on? We ask the hard questions today at NewTeeVee Station.

OneNote and my UMPC camera are friends again

ErrorJust yesterday I noticed that on my UMPC I couldn’t use the integrated webcams natively with Microsoft OneNote. After reading the various reader comments, I took a new approach this morning. I got to thinking how this wasn’t an issue in Windows XP, so I decided to focus on why that might be. This thought led me to the properties of the OneNote.exe executable itself; specifically, the compatibility and the security privileges.

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OneNote doesn’t play nice with my UMPC cameras

Error Feeling sick over the weekend, I laid low offline and decided to delve into some desktop applications instead of using the web apps I prefer. Since my cord was cut, I dug around in one of my favorite bits of software: Microsoft OneNote. I installed it on my UMPC a few weeks back and wanted to play with some of the advanced features. Previously, I’ve used OneNote Mobile on a Windows Mobile device to take pictures and have them automatically inserted in my OneNote notebooks. It came in handy with a home project in the past, but since I no longer carry a Windows Mobile Phone, I was looking for another option when it hit me: OneNote can accept images directly from a webcam. My Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium, has not one, but two integrated webcams, so I figured I was all set! Just use the rear-facing camera to snap pics of projects, documents, UPS tracking numbers and more to have them all sucked into OneNote for later use.

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Instant Navigator for OneNote: a quick note finder

InstantnavigatoronenoteHere’s a nice little OneNote add-on called Instant Navigator that gives you another way to find your notes. Once you install it, you can start typing any part of a note title and the results are instantly updated as you type. I rely heavily on the excellent and native OneNote search feature, but more search options are always welcome. From what I can see, the free add-on is supported on Vista with OneNote 2007.(via OneNote Extensibility)

Workaround for Vista 64-bit “Send to OneNote” problem

Microsoft_onenote_logoWe already know that the “Send to OneNote” issue on machines running the 64-bit version of Vista won’t be addressed until the next release of OneNote. I’m sure that the problem affects very few individuals as well, since there are very few Tablet PCs capable of running the 64-bit version. If you’re one of the few, the proud, the 64-bit inkers, then here’s a little workaround for you.Dan Escapa offers the solution steps for you, but it’s only a partial workaround as OneNote won’t OCR your artifact under this method. You’ll end up using another program to send your output to a TIFF image format, which you can then insert into OneNote for markups. Part of me wonders why you can’t just the included Snipping Tool to bypass the installation of another app, but I don’t have a 64-bit Tablet PC to test with. I know you can’t save a snip as a TIFF file, but wouldn’t a JPG work for a single page of info and accomplish the same thing?