Open Thread: What Do You Think of the New iPhone 4?

Apple’s hotly-anticipated new smartphone, the iPhone 4, went on sale today. While there were long lines at many retail outlets as people clamored to get their hand on the new phone, there have also been reports of reception problems caused by the design of the device.

Open Thread: What Do You Think of Safari 5?

Safari 5, released for both Windows and Mac yesterday, is a major update to to the browser. It boasts improved support for HTML5, a new “Safari Reader” view that makes it easier to read articles online, better performance and (still to come) browser extensions.

Open Thread: Favorite Laptop Bags?

I’m happy with my two current bags, but am looking for another. Why? Neither have enough space for other stuff when I’m traveling, which means I always have to take another bag, even on really short trips. What would you suggest I buy?