Viliv UMPCs Found at NewEgg — the Promise of Project Origami Realized?

viliv x70exIf you’ve been lusting after either the Viliv S5 or X70 devices that James has been teasing you with, there’s yet another vendor offering the devices stateside. Laptoping eye-spied them both over at NewEgg, and my quick browsing shows quite the assortment of available models and options. All three X70EX editions are appearing: Express P, Premium P and Premium 3GP. The differing prices — $599, $729, and $879 — range with choice of CPU speed, SSD capacity and inclusion of integrated HSPA 3G radio. All have the 7-inch touchscreen, Windows XP Home (not XP Tablet Edition), 1GB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, card reader, 1.3-megapixel webcam, integrated microphone and stereo speakers. Oh, and a solid five hours or so of battery life. Much of what’s offered here is or was available in my old Samsung Q1U-P device, but of course, that was more expensive, thicker and heavier due to the larger battery size.
The smaller, 4.8-inch display S5 is also squatting on NewEgg’s site — the same three model names as the X70EX are there for $549, $599 and $799. Again, the base feature set is pretty standard with the options coming in for a 1.33GHz CPU over a 1.2GHz unit, hard drive or SSD and integrated 3G. NewEgg is offering some special extras on some configurations: a case, extra battery or other accessory.
It’s been over three years since the original Origami Project concept, but in my opinion, the S5 and X70EX are what we were hoping for back then. I’m curious if folks agree. Assuming you do, it makes you wonder about the original concept to begin with since these devices are generally still considered niche products. Then again, they can be found at Amazon, and other mainstream sites these days, too. Maybe we hoped for too much three years ago? Or maybe we’re all still a little ahead of our time. I feel better thinking of it that way. 😉

Do You Do Web Work During Weekends?

I called one of my friends earlier this week and asked her if we could have lunch on Sunday. I was surprised that she said she couldn’t make it, since she had to work. “What kind of evil forces are making you do this?” I asked her. Then again, who was I kidding? I was planning to write a couple of blog posts on Sunday evening. Like my friend, I was going to work during the weekend.

As I reviewed my own work habits, as well as those of other web workers, it became evident that working during the weekends is becoming more common.
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Glary Utilities–a Top App for Windows PCs–Gets an Update

Do you have a Windows PC that seems much slower than it once was? In my experience, that’s the natural life of most Windows-based machines. They collect litter in the Registry, on the hard disk, are prime targets for malware, and much more. I’ve written before about one of my favorite freeware tools for cleaning a Windows system up: Glary Utilities.

Recently, Glary Utilities got an upgrade. If you haven’t used this set of tools before, there are more good reasons to do so.

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Google Toolbar for Firefox Adds Useful Navigation Features

If you’ve used Google’s (s goog) open source Chrome browser and appreciated the way it collects thumbnail versions of the sites you visit most on one handy page, but you tend to use Firefox most often, give the updated beta version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox a try. It’s a downloadable extension that you can get here, and there is also a video showing how it works. Its best feature is that it too will collect thumbnails of your most visited sites, a useful navigation feature.

Here’s how it looks and works.

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Enhance Live Events With Virtual Ones

dscn0141I’ve talked about live blogging events as a way to enhance and promote a real world event, literally as it is happening. But lately, I’ve been asked to host virtual world events simultaneous to real world events. Mike Gunderloy and I also included planning and hosting virtual events in our 10 More New Ways to Make Money back in August. The virtual events I hosted recently were both held in Second Life. Clearly, Second Life is not dead.

So how do you host simultaneous online/virtual events? Very carefully, of course, but here are a few tips to help you straddle both worlds and pull off both events without a hitch.

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Make Yourself a Resource: Adding Value to Your Blog

bloggingFor many web workers, the central hub from which they manage their online identity and portfolio is, or features, a blog. Using a blog to represent yourself has many purposes, including acting as a C.V., establishing your identity as an authority in your field, and providing a launchpad for your various social network profiles.

Those are all very good uses, and benefit you as a web worker immensely. The only question I have as a visitor is, how do they benefit me? Yes, they help if I’m considering you as a prospective contractor for a job, but if I’m not, then the site quickly loses relevance. A blog should be doing work all the time, even when it isn’t speaking directly to your professional history and identity. Here’s how to make sure it is.

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Free Online Event on Wednesday May Appeal to Web Entrepeneurs

We’ve recently covered opportunities for web workers who need work, including our interview with Gary Swart, CEO of online staffing marketplace oDesk, and resources for web workers who have recently lost their employment. Whether you’re looking for places to work, or looking to launch an entrepeneurial online effort, you may want to tune into a free, online event being held tomorrow by Simply Hired, in conjunction with open source conference application provider Dimdim.

The interactive event is being hosted by Sramana Mitra, a successful entrepeneur, Forbes columnist, and author of the book Entrepeneurial Journeys.

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Yugma Free Now Allows 20 Meeting Participants & More Additions

Last month I wrote up the new version 4.0 of one of my favorite free online meeting applications: Yugma. This application is a favorite among many WebWorkerDaily readers and writers. Version 4.0 brings a lot of conveniences, but I still had a few things remaining on my wish list.

Now, Yugma has just announced several improvements to its free and paid plans that can make a big difference for those who regularly use this application. At the top of the list of improvements is a fix for a bone I had picked before.

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