HP Makes webOS 2.0 Official; Launches Pre 2

HP put rumors to bed with the official announcement of both HP webOS 2.0 and the Palm Pre 2. The evolution of the platform and handsets designed for it are the result of HP’s acquisition of Palm earlier this year for $1.2 billion.

HP PalmPad Both Pen and Touch? I Don’t Think So

There’s a rumor bouncing around the web today that the upcoming HP “PalmPad” will be a webOS tablet operated by both touch and a pen. As a long-time tablet enthusiast I would love to see such a slate but I’m afraid that just won’t happen.

HP/Palm Deal Final — Time to Get Busy

HP has closed on the $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm. With that the honeymoon phase is over and time to get down to business. Mobile market has a small window of opportunity and HP needs to capitalize on by launching new WebOS devices — fast.

HP and webOS Create Big Opportunities

Palm has been floundering for a while and the hope from enthusiasts is that HP will leverage its vast resources to launch the webOS platform into a new beginning. Those in the right position will find ripe opportunities with the new webOS, and it’s about time.

Will webOS Developers Play with HP?

The webOS platform has lagged behind Android and others due to the lack of available apps. Palm has been working hard with app developers to get them producing apps for the platform, but a big question looms — what will happen after the merger?

ZumoDrive Improves for Android, webOS, and iPhone

ZumoDrive for iPhone, Android and webOS all get an upgrade today. New features make it easier to share files and media with friends directly from a handset and the music streaming appears faster too.

HP Buys Palm: What Should Happen

The tech world was taken by surprise by the news that computer giant HP has initiated a purchase of beleaguered Palm for $1.2 billion. The merger is probably the best possible scenario for Palm, and here’s my take on what should happen to make this work.

Is It Time to Stick a Fork in Palm?

The news coming out of Palm just gets worse and worse. Analysts are quick to point out what Palm has done wrong to find itself in this untenable position, but the way forward is anything but clear. Is it time for Palm to call it quits?

Palm Looking for a Sugar Daddy

Beleaguered Palm is looking for a buyer, according to a report by Bloomberg. The company has failed to capitalize sufficiently on the webOS platform launched to great fanfare, and is courting companies for a sale. Two companies thought to have an interest are Lenovo and HTC.

All Quiet on the Palm Front

Anybody noticed how quiet it is on the Palm front? The time for incremental changes at Palm is over. No more minor updates to the phones or incremental updates to webOS. It’s time to shake things up if Palm intends to make a run as survival.